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Updated: May 14, 2023


Hey, friends and readers... I've got a brand-new, exciting release for you today.

The long-awaited next book in the Quentin Black Mystery saga is now live!

BLACK OF WING (Quentin Black Paranormal Mystery) CLICK HERE FOR YOUR COPY

(...or scroll down below for more information)


“There is always a bigger dragon,” my mind whispered.

Black’s secret identity is out… as in WAY out… as in, he more or less announced who and what he was to every media outlet in the world.

But not everyone in the human world is thrilled at the prospect of losing their status as “dominant planetary species.” Some will do just about anything to prevent that from happening… including risk wiping out every living being on Earth.

The real problem of course, is fear. Miri and Black walk a tightrope around the growing fear of their kind, with Black hitting the talk-show circuit while Miri sits at the table with world leaders, trying to come up with solutions that won’t lead to inter-species war.

Oh, and Black’s trying to plan a wedding.

Not to mention the fact that Nick is back, and his presence, after everything he did as a baby vampire, can’t help but split their team apart.

But an even bigger danger looms from the shadows of another world.

Miriam’s Uncle Charles, after banishment to a distant dimension, has grown to hate his niece, along with everything Miri and Black stand for. When he gets an opportunity to fight back, he grabs it with both hands… and brings a new kind of monster with him to Earth.


THE QUENTIN BLACK SERIES encompasses a number of gritty urban fantasy and paranormal mystery arcs with science fiction elements, starring brilliant but dangerous psychic detective, Quentin Black, and his partner, forensic psychologist Miriam Fox. Follow Black as he solves crimes, takes on other races and tries to keep his and Miri’s true identities secret to keep them both alive.


Enjoy the new book! And if you get a chance, check out my brand-new Patreon site, too, and let me know what you think! :) I'll send out more on this next week!

Thanks so much for reading along, and have a lovely week!

Best wishes,


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