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NEW RELEASE! Black Hawaii (Quentin Black Mystery #13)

I have a new release! Book #13 of the Quentin Black Mystery series is now live!

Urban fantasy mystery with romance and science fiction, this series is for fans of gritty, paranormal worlds with complex characters, sexy psychics and vampires, and lots of twists!

Click the link above, or either of the images for the sales page!


“It’s doing something,” the boatman said, hooking a thumb towards the shed. “It’s bad enough when it was just a dead body, man. Now, it’s like… doing things.”

“Doing things?” Black stared at him, his rich, drunk-guy schtick forgotten. “It’s a dead body. What could it possibly be doing?”*

Miri just wanted a vacation… a little alone-time with her mate.

After months of separation, after Black’s struggles with his recent “transformation,” after Miri doing her part, ridding the world of evil, including her crazy uncle and his dreams of enslaving the human race, she really just wanted to hang in Hawaii with Black and drink mai tais out of pineapples.

But not a day passes before the body of a strange soldier washes up on shore, a body whose very existence raises disturbing questions, and not only because he’s part machine.

When an old friend asks Black to find answers, Black reluctantly agrees, even as paparazzi hound Black and Miri’s every move, making it impossible to blend with the other rich celebrities at the exclusive resort where they’re staying.

Then more soldiers show up, alive ones this time.Black discovers something more sinister at work, putting him and Miri in the crosshairs once again.

BLACK HAWAII is book #13 in the QUENTIN BLACK PARANORMAL MYSTERY series, a paranormal mystery series starring brilliant but dangerous psychic detective, Quentin Black, and his partner, forensic psychologist Miri Fox.

It’s also a spinoff of the BRIDGE & SWORD SERIES

Hope everyone enjoys this one! It's been getting great feedback so far!

Best wishes,


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