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NEW RELEASE! Black of Hearts (Quentin Black Mystery #12)

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I have a new release!

Book #12 of the Quentin Black Mystery series, an urban fantasy mystery with romance, that's also a spinoff of the Bridge & Sword world! :)

Click the link above, the cover below, or the button below that!


His wife. He fell still for the first time, panting, blinking against his blurred vision. Whoever had him… Gaos, they had his wife.

Kicked out of their momentary kiss with paradise, Miri and Black return to their version of Earth in the midst of a growing race war, a war with increasingly dark implications.

Black knows his wife will be targeted by both sides once they realize what she can do, what her newfound powers really mean.

Nick is still missing. Dalejem is presumed dead.

The vampire race is massing, preparing for all-out war.

Meanwhile, riots rage, and Charles, the seer who decided to take over the planet from the human race, is locking down the country, preparing for that final confrontation.

Both sides want Black with them. Both sides want to control him.

When Black’s wife goes missing, that’s the last damned straw.

When he finally loses his cool, the whole world may pay the price.

BLACK OF HEARTS is book #12 in the QUENTIN BLACK PARANORMAL MYSTERY series, a paranormal mystery series starring brilliant but dangerous psychic detective, Quentin Black, and his partner, forensic psychologist Miri Fox.

It’s also a spinoff of the BRIDGE & SWORD SERIES.

If you want to check out the book's page on my website:

The book's dedicated landing page, in addition to having the book description, sales links, and the songlist, also contains the book's video trailer, along with the Prologue, if you want to read a little bit of the very beginning of the novel.

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