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Brand New Box Set! Alien Apocalypse :)

In case you missed it with my regular newsletter, I have a new box set!


Hi everyone! Just a quick note to let people know I have a brand new box set on Kindle Unlimited! It's the COMPLETE Alien Apocalypse series, including bonus novella, THE RINGS FIGHTER, which takes place on a parallel timeline.

I did a bit of a clean-up of all five books in the collection, some of which also got some extra scenes, (including one, cough, sexy scene, cough cough).

Hope you enjoy the new versions!


(Parts I-IV, Plus Bonus Novella) CLICK HERE FOR BOX SET!

(...or scroll down below for more information)

The complete ALIEN APOCALYPSE series! An apocalyptic, romantic, science fiction alien adventure with a futuristic coliseum!

Includes all four novels in the ALIEN APOCALYPSE series, a dystopian, post-apocalyptic science fiction romance centered around heroine Jet Tetsuo, a human raised on Earth after being conquered by an alien race known as the Nirreth.

Plus a bonus novella that occurs within the same timeline in the same world!

THE CULLING (Part I): Jet is a 19-year-old skag, one of the humans still living free on Earth following an invasion of creatures called the Nirreth. Her whole life changes when she is “culled” by an alien ship while scavenging in old Vancouver.

THE ROYALS (Part II): A slave of the Nirreth Royals, Jet becomes a Rings fighter, the first female human to ever claim that title. Of course, everyone expects Jet to die in the first match, but the way events are unfolding with the Royals, she’ll be lucky to make it there at all.

THE NEW ORDER (Part III): Jet’s new role as the prince’s consort presents even more dangers than being a Rings fighter. For one thing, a lot more people want to kill her. Worse, Ringmaster Trazen remains as obsessed with Jet as ever.

THE REBELLION (Part IV): In the fourth and final chapter, Jet finds herself a slave in the home of her mortal enemy, Trazen, and desperate to escape. But events swiftly unfold that show her nothing is what it seems, not even Trazen himself.

THE RINGS FIGHTER (Bonus Novella!): Everyone said he burned through human slaves, especially the females. So when Chloe catches the eye of the tall, handsome Ringmaster, she figures her time is finally up. But Trazen may not be exactly what he appears.


"SO looking forward to the rest of the series, you have me totally hooked and craving more..." ~ Shannon Mayer, USA Today bestselling author “A must-read for sci-fi enthusiasts!” ~ The Masquerade Crew “Protagonists and antagonists are never simplistic - they have personal agendas and, as a reader, I can never quite predict what will happen…” ~ SM Johnson, author of the DeVante series "[A] detailed world with plenty of action, mystery, and a strong yet believable young female protagonist..." ~ Tamela Viglione, award-winning author of Buck

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Mar 17, 2021

I need this set with the slipcase❤ Love it!

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