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Final (final) Bridge and Sword boxset + a few more writing updates...

Hey Light Brigaders! :)

Okay, so I lied. I thought the fourth boxset for the series would be the last one, but then I decided to add a bonus boxset that contained ONLY the companion novels, since some people expressed interest.

So this is a note to let everyone know that the final-FINAL boxset for the Bridge and Sword series just went live on Sunday. It contains all six of the companion novels: Allie, Revik, Terian, The Ex-Rook, A Glint of Light, and Guardian Seer.

For more information, see below.

Or CLICK HERE >>> to skip all that to buy or read in KU! :)

You can also check out all of the individual books of the COMPANION NOVELS for the Bridge and Sword series HERE>>>

NOTE ABOUT THE BOXSET: If you've read and/or purchased the original four boxsets, these companion novels are already included. I wanted the main boxsets to follow the recommended reading order for the series, so they are inserted among the four sets accordingly. This is strictly a bonus set for anyone who wanted the companion novels in a single volume and don't need the main series novels.



“The Companion Novels” (all six of the full-length companion novels for the Bridge and Sword series)

Click the image below to buy or read in Kindle Unlimited!

Terian (A Bridge and Sword Novel) only 99 cents

boxset synopsis ~

This collection contains all six (6) standalone, full-length companion novels to the the apocalyptic, romantic, science fantasy series, BRIDGE AND SWORD, which features Allie Taylor, prophesied to destroy the world and kill most of humanity, and her sometimes partner, sometimes lover, sometimes enemy, the infamous seer and assassin, Revik.

Psychic suspense. Apocalyptic. An epic, soul-crushing, world-spanning science fantasy that can get dark, dark, dark… but also contains a lot of light.

Includes the following six (6) full-length, standalone novels:







All six books are complete novels in their own right, and dramatic additions to the overall story arc. They're definitely must-reads if you love the characters in the series. Meet Revik back when he ran with terrorist seers known as Rooks and his best friend, Terian, rarely left his side. The story of Revik’s first encounter with Dalejem is here, along with the very first time Allie and Revik meet in New York, and Revik’s first head-to-head with Jaden. There’s also a (non-prequel) novel focused on Balidor and Cass, and how this completely unlikely pair found one another.

WARNING: the companion novels (like most of my books) can get pretty dark in parts and contain adult material, including adult language, explicit scenes, M/M storylines, drug use, morally shady characters and situations. Read at your own discretion / risk.

* * *

THE BRIDGE AND SWORD SERIES is a dark, gritty psychic warfare epic from a USA TODAY and WALL STREET JOURNAL bestselling author. Set in an alternate version of Earth where a second race of beings called “Seers” live alongside humans, this is for fans of romantic, character-driven science fiction and fantasy worlds, filled with twists and turns and backstabbing betrayals, with heroes and villains who are often the same people.

Terian (A Bridge and Sword Novel) only 99 cents

In other writing news, I'm still working on edits/revisions for the Angels in L.A. series. I've completed and uploaded edits for the first three novels at this point (yeah, slower than I'd hoped) and I'm working on book #4 now: ANGEL ON FIRE, which I'm hoping to finish up by the end of next week.

I also ordered a brand new cover for the upcoming (NEW) season of SEER WARS, and I'm pretty excited about the drafts I've seen so far. Season 02 of the serial is winding up now (maybe a month or two to go until the last episode goes live), so I wanted to have the new cover ready to go so there wouldn't be a break in episodes when I start SEER WARS SEASON 03: "A New Apocalypse." Season 03, like the others, will probably take about a year to put out in full.

Once I get the final edits done on Angels in L.A., I'm ALMOST done with all of the rebranding and clean-up work I wanted to get done this year. The one series I still will need to work on and re-release at some point is THE MORPH, which I've punted to next year, just so I can get some brand new books going in my ongoing series.

In reference to that, I'm still absolutely planning to write brand new Angels in L.A. and Quentin Black Mystery novels next on my schedule (titles are Blood Angel and Black To Light, respectively). Those will be followed by the next Vampire Detective Midnight (Almost Midnight), and then the novel version of Seer Wars Season One: A New Earth.

So, lots to do! Not much has changed in terms of my priorities… it's just been a strange, busy, sometimes frustrating year in terms of scheduling.

In the meantime, enjoy the new boxset! And I hope you all are having an amazing summer and not getting hit too hard by extreme heat or floods or fire.

I particularly hope no one got hit personally by that mess in Maui, although it's horrible for all of us really, given what a special and precious place it is. I'm so sad for everyone who lives and works over there, especially those who lost loved ones or who still have people missing. My mom lived and worked in Hawaii (Oahu) back in the 1960s, so my family has some connections there, too. Our family's oldest friends come from her time there. We did holidays with them the whole time I was growing up and their kids are more like cousins than most of my "real" cousins. Those family friends are Hawaiian and had family living near the fires, but luckily they were all okay, (at least one lost their house, but no deaths). But yeah, really scary during those hours they couldn't get in touch with their family on Maui.

I've always felt a strong connection to Hawaii, too, maybe partly for that reason. I've considered living there more than once, and have other friends living there, too, so the fires really hit home in a lot of ways.

Anyway, lots of love to everyone over there... I really hope the community and lands are able to recover at least somewhat relatively soon.

As for my health, so far so good after the surgery. I'm still kind of easing into the full-blown exercise thing, but I'm feeling tons better, so I'm REALLY glad that's over. :)

Oh, and be sure and check out My Patreon if you haven't already. I have some newish prizes on there for the different tiers, and if you're looking for new words, I now have hundreds of episodes on there for my serials, all of which are accessible for every tier. I'm (STILL) planning to put a new video up there soon, too (lol). One of the many things on my list I haven't gotten to yet, but I haven't forgotten. Some of it was wanting to make sure I was "video ready" post-surgery so I wouldn't scare people. :)

Love + Light,

JC Andrijeski's Website


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