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The final Bridge and Sword boxset + a few writing updates...

Hey Light Brigaders! :)

I wanted to let everyone know (for those who like great big boxsets to read from)… that the final box set for the Bridge and Sword series just went live this week. It contains the last three main series books plus Guardian Seer (A Bridge and Sword Prequel Novel). I also included the bonus episodes for all but the last book.

For more information, see below.

Or CLICK HERE>>> to skip all that and read it in KU! :)

You can also check out all of the MAIN BOOKS in the Bridge and Sword Series here>>>

And apologies I got this one out a little late. I had some stuff come up in real life and I ended postponing a few weeks as a result. For more detail on that and my current writing schedule, see below!



“The Final War” (Books #9-11 + the full-length companion prequel novel: Guardian Seer)

Click the image below to buy or read in Kindle Unlimited!

Terian (A Bridge and Sword Novel) only 99 cents

boxset synopsis ~

This next set of episodes, The Final War includes three books from the main series, plus a full-length companion novel. Like all the companion novels / prequels, I highly recommend you read, since it provides critical backstory in the apocalyptic, romantic, science fantasy series, BRIDGE AND SWORD.

The series features Allie Taylor, prophesied to destroy the world and kill most of humanity, and her sometimes partner, sometimes lover, sometimes enemy, the infamous seer and assassin, Revik. Psychic suspense. Apocalyptic. An epic, soul-crushing, world-spanning science fantasy that can get dark, dark, dark… but also contains a lot of light.

Includes the following books:

THE DRAGON GOD (Bridge and Sword: Book Nine)

GUARDIAN SEER (Bridge and Sword Companion Novel #6)

SWORD AND SUN: Part 1 (Bridge and Sword: Book Ten)

SWORD AND SUN: Part 2 (Bridge and Sword: Book Eleven)

* * *

THE BRIDGE AND SWORD SERIES is a dark, gritty psychic warfare epic from a USA TODAY and WALL STREET JOURNAL bestselling author. Set in an alternate version of Earth where a second race of beings called “Seers” live alongside humans, this is for fans of romantic, character-driven science fiction and fantasy worlds, filled with twists and turns and backstabbing betrayals, with heroes and villains who are often the same people.

Terian (A Bridge and Sword Novel) only 99 cents

So head's up that the rest of this is updates on my writing schedule plus some personal news, so if you just want the new book news, you can probably skip... also, if you read my newsletter this week, you'll have seen most of this already. :)

I know I've been pretty quiet for the past few weeks. It's been a combination of getting my schedule back on track as much as possible, and a big bunch of real life things that have made things go a bit slower on the writing / publishing front than usual. I'm hoping to catch up over the next few weeks, but I've resigned myself to the fact that I'll probably just have to chalk up most of June/July to surgery, surgery recovery, and summer weirdness. Added to an already weird year with those 3+ months in Europe, I've also realized I just have to let some stuff go.

Not permanently, of course, lol... not in most respects, at least... but in terms of getting everything done I'd hoped to accomplish this year for new books, I probably just have to chill out and remember it's a strange year. That said, I'm chomping at the bit to get the new book writing going! I'm really antsy on that front at this point, but luckily I feel like I'm in the home stretch at last!

In terms of that, now that I've published the very last box set, Collection #4, of the Bridge and Sword series, that's it with the main books of the series! Those four box sets also include every one of the companion and prequel books, so they represent every one of the 11 main books plus 6 companion novels that make up the series.

I've decided to do a box set of just the companion novels, too, for those who have read the main series already and just want those six novels, so that will be out sometime in the next few weeks, but essentially I'm done. I also might do a box set of "first books in series" for all of my series, for people new to my work.

In other rebranding / catch-up news, I'm still working on edits/revisions for the Angels in L.A. series to go with the brand new covers. Because of a promotion I have coming up, I might start flipping the covers early, but only for the books I've completed edits on. In either case, I'm hoping to have all of those, plus revised box sets for the series done very soon... as soon as possible at least.

After that, I'll be writing my first brand new book since I started the re-branding. As I mentioned last time, that new novel will most likely be the next Angels in L.A. book (working title: Blood Angel), since that series is definitely fresh in my mind right now. It should go faster since I won't need to switch gears at all in terms of getting into the characters' heads or remember where I was in the series arc. :)

After that, I'm definitely going to be writing the next Quentin Black Mystery novel (working title: Black To Light). That will be followed by the next Vampire Detective Midnight book (working title: Almost Midnight). I still plan to get all three of those done by the end of the year. I'm also hoping to put out Seer Wars Season One: A New Earth as a novel by the end of the year, but if I can't pull off all four, I'll release that one in the early months of 2024.

So that's the writing news I've got for you for now! Not much has changed in terms of my priorities… I just haven't been able to get some of this stuff done as quickly as I'd originally hoped.

In the meantime, enjoy the new boxset and I hope you all are having an amazing summer so far! Thanks a million again to everyone who sent me notes about the surgery. I'm feeling a ton better. I've started going on my daily walks again and it's really awesome to be slowly getting back in shape and feeling more like myself. I've basically had some form of anemia for over 6-7 years now, so to not have that constant drain on my energy is pretty remarkable. I managed to still work out and exercise during that time, but pushing through was really tough with the anemia, so it feels like a weight has been lifted. :)

I'm hoping to join a gym pretty soon or at least start going swimming a few times a week, so that will be lovely. Like Miri, Black's wife, I've always been at home in a swimming pool. I find it incredibly meditative and relaxing to do laps.

Oh, and be sure and check out My Patreon if you haven't already! I have some new prizes on there for the different tiers, and if you're looking for new words, I now have hundreds of episodes on there for my serials, all of which are accessible for every tier. I'm planning to put a new video up there soon, as well!

Love + Light,

JC Andrijeski's Website


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