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New release! BLOOD ANGEL (Angels in L.A. #7)

Hey, so the newest novel in my ANGELS IN L.A. series is now live, available for purchase and to read in Kindle Unlimited. For more information on the book, scroll down to see the book description below, or just skip all that, and...

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Paperback version is coming soon!



The seventh book in the Angels in L.A. series!

Click the image below to buy, or to read in Kindle Unlimited!

Terian (A Bridge and Sword Novel) only 99 cents

book synopsis ~

She crashed through the balcony doors covered in blood.

It panicked him out of his mind when he thought it was hers.

It nearly destroyed her when she realized it wasn’t.


After the best night of his life, Dags Jourdain, P.I. and fallen angel, wakes up to a nightmare.


She said yes. His girlfriend, now his fiancée, said yes to him, and now she could go down for murder one if he doesn’t get in the way. He has to find out what happened for those hours she blacked out and her angel side took control. All he has are a few cryptic words her angel spoke to him, and her colliding into their hotel room covered in someone else’s blood.


He has to find the crime scene, fast.


He has to find out what happened and cover her tracks before the police show up and it’s too late.


But everything he discovers only makes her situation more dangerous. The people she went after are some of the worst in Los Angeles, and they want their pound of flesh.


All he wanted was to marry the woman he couldn’t stand to live without. He never meant for her to destroy herself for him, or lose her identity to the thing she has become… much less lose her life to it.


But all angels aren’t the same, he's realizing. Phoenix’s angel isn’t soft and fluffy with a harp and white wings. It’s something else. It’s something deadly, and it’s something she cannot control.

BLOOD ANGEL is book #7 in the Angels in L.A. series by USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, JC Andrijeski. It’s a gritty angel urban fantasy, with adult themes, a hard-boiled tone and a strong romance subplot. Featuring Dags Jourdain, a P.I. and fallen angel, and his partner, fellow fallen angel and movie star, Phoenix X.

Terian (A Bridge and Sword Novel) only 99 cents

Hope everyone enjoys the new book!

I know it took longer than I was hoping, but I'm really excited with how it came out, so I hope everyone enjoys the new book. It ended up being a twisty, dark story, more so than I had originally expected (at least until I really dove into the writing and realized just exactly WHERE I'd left the two of them at the end of the last book, lol), so I hope it makes for a satisfying, rollercoaster of a read!

And more good news: I'm already at work on the next QUENTIN BLACK MYSTERY and hoping to have that one for you soon!

Best wishes in 2024, and hope you're all doing well!

Love + Light,

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