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NEW RELEASE! Angel on Fire (Angels in L.A. #4)

I've got a little present for everyone this morning! :)


Hey, Light Brigade... i've got a brand new release for you today, the next book in my ANGELS IN L.A. series, which is new in 2021!

It comes with a brand new (FREE) Bonus Epilogue at the end!

ALSO: Book #1 of the series is FREE this week!

ANGEL ON FIRE (Angels in L.A. #4)

(...or scroll down below for more information)

I stole Lucifer’s wife. I’m pretty sure he’s gunning for me now.

I’m not alone anymore.

I’m pretty much the opposite of alone.

First there was Kara, the LAPD homicide detective who now knows what I am. Now I’ve got a house-full of people I need to protect from demons, and a movie star girlfriend who’s a newly awakening angel.

Oh, and I kidnapped one of my oldest friends, who happens to be married to a guy I grew up with, who I’m pretty sure is actually Lucifer.

As in the Lucifer. Angel of Darkness. Guy who brings badness.

His wife, Jade, might be an un-awakened fallen angel, too, but I can’t just hand her over to my old high school pal, Uri, her husband. Not when I know his motive numero uno will be to awaken her to join him in covering the world in darkness. Dealing with Uri on his own is bad enough. Dealing with two of them would be a nightmare, especially since my own girlfriend, Phoenix X, can’t control her new powers at all.

Worse, Phoenix just started work on a new action movie, so in addition to stressing about Uri wanting to kill her, she has to worry about her wings spontaneously bursting out of her back in mid-shoot.

All in all, it’s a weird time to be in Los Angeles.

Especially for a demon-hunting angel P.I. and his movie-star new-angel girlfriend.


ANGEL ON FIRE is book #4 in the Angels in L.A. series by USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, JC Andrijeski. It’s a gritty angel urban fantasy, ideal for fans of K.F. Breene, Shayne Silvers, Patricia Briggs, C.N. Crawford, Linsey Hall



Also, the first book in the series, I, ANGEL (Angels in L.A. #1) is FREE this week, in honor of my new release!

Be sure and grab a copy and check out the series if you haven't already!


That's it for now, but I should have more publishing news & exciting announcements for you soon! As I said before, there are an unusual number of interesting developments afoot behind the scenes right now, in addition to the stuff that's posted on my publishing schedule. I'm actually taking a week off my regular writing schedule to work on one of those projects, so hopefully I'll have more to update on that front in a week or two. :)

In the meantime, I really hope you enjoy ANGEL ON FIRE (Angels in L.A. #4)! I admit I'm pretty curious to hear what people think of this one.

Things take... a turn... in this book.

Hope everyone is doing well and that you're getting some spring time fun outdoors! I'm actually getting my FIRST post-pandemic haircut today - the first one I've had since October of 2019 today (REALLY), so I feel pretty posh and spoiled, I gotta say (lol).

Best wishes, and have a lovely Wednesday ~

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