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Updated: May 14, 2023


A Sexy Alien Apocalypse Story

Hey everyone, just a head's up that I just released "The Rings Fighter," a sexy Alien Apocalypse story featuring Trazen during the time period when he first meets Jet. The story is novella-length and was originally featured in the TAMING THE MONSTER multi-author bundle I participated in last fall.

I wrote it partly for the anthology and partly because I'd been asked by (cough... numerous) people to write a sexy story in the Alien Apocalypse world. Since I'd written that series to be more "YA-appropriate," I didn't include explicit sex in the main books, but I thought it might be okay to include some in a related novella. Check out the full blurb, below!


(at least during the new release period)

Book Description

Chloe never expected to live long as the house slave of Agnon, one of the alien Nirreth who colonized Earth. Being the house pet of a sociopathic alien came with a time stamp and she knew it, but things were tough all over since humans became a slave caste on their own planet. She could only hope life would be better for her little sister, Kiji, who she struggled to protect.

When Chloe catches the eye of the infamous Ringmaster Trazen, she figures her time is finally up. But Trazen may not be exactly what he appears…and not only because he’s the hottest alien she’s ever laid eyes on.

Originally published as part of TAMING THE MONSTER, a multi-author bundle featuring bestselling paranormal romance authors (released in 2015).

~ A sexy story set in the ALIEN APOCALYPSE world, featuring Ringmaster Trazen when he first meets Jet ~ ONLY 99 CENTS!

(at least during the new release period) CLICK HERE

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