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Recommended Reading Order: Bridge & Sword

With the publishing of A GLINT OF LIGHT, the Bridge & Sword series is now complete! I wanted to make sure everyone has a copy of the "Recommended Reading Order" for the series as a whole, now that all of the books are out, including the prequels / companion novels. :)

The full list is available below, or you can click the graphic and/or linked text to reach the BRIDGE & SWORD series page on my website. If you scroll down past the book covers on the series page, the full list is also available there.


New York (Bridge & Sword Prequel Novel #0.5)

ROOK (Bridge & Sword #1)

SHIELD (Bridge & Sword #2)

SWORD (Bridge & Sword #3)

Revik (Bridge & Sword Prequel Novel #0.1)

SHADOW (Bridge & Sword #4)

KNIGHT (Bridge & Sword #5)

WAR (Bridge & Sword #6)

BRIDGE (Bridge & Sword #7)

Trickster (Bridge & Sword Prequel Novel #0.2)

The Defector (Bridge & Sword Prequel Novel #0.3)

PROPHET (Bridge & Sword #8)

A Glint of Light (Bridge & Sword #8.5)

DRAGON (Bridge & Sword #9)

The Guardian (Bridge & Sword #0.4)

SUN (Bridge & Sword #10)

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