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New release! Part 2 of the series finale: Sword and Sun (Bridge and Sword: Book Ten)

I have a new release for you today! The second half of the final book SWORD AND SUN (Bridge and Sword: Book Ten) is now on sale and available in Kindle Unlimited!

Here's the link:

The main series is now complete!

fyi: companion novels will be coming over the next few weeks, each one starting off at 99 Cents for the first week

(those will also be available in Kindle Unlimited!)

Quick note: for those re-reading the series in part for the BONUS EPILOGUES I'm including at the end of each book, the Bonus Epilogue for SWORD AND SUN is included at the end of PART TWO. I considered doing two of them, one for each half, but I thought it might be distracting given that you're in the middle of a storyline. So I wrote a longer one for PART TWO instead.

It ended up being the longest one I've written for any of these. :)

Hope this works for everyone!



(Bridge and Sword: Book Ten)

The LAST half of the final chapter of the series! :)

Click the image below to buy, or to read in Kindle Unlimited!

book synopsis ~

And a great wail rose when the gods spoke

For the door to that other place must need be lost

And those on the other side forgotten

They lost Varlan. They lost Atwar and his people.

They lost Chandre to the darkness.

The end of the world barrels faster towards Allie and Revik, so fast they can’t afford to be cautious, or make even one more mistake. After they accidentally open (and close) the first of those mystical, otherworldly doors, they’re in a race with the Dreng to save as many humans and seers as they can.

Lost in the middle of enemy territory, they have to fight their way back to the rest of their people in the Americas. There, Allie and Revik must wage war for real, or every human and seer not under the sway of the Dreng will die. Collectively, they have to hold out against an army ten times their size, long enough for Allie to form a Bridge to a new world, just as she was destined to do.

Through her, both races might just get a second chance, if the Myther army doesn’t annihilate them first.

In this last half of the final installment of the epic science-fantasy series, Allie and Revik fight their final war of all against all.


Psychic suspense. Apocalyptic. An epic, soul-crushing, world-spanning science fantasy series that gets dark, dark, dark… but also contains a lot of light.

**NOTE: A different version of this novel was previously titled “Sun”


THE BRIDGE AND SWORD SERIES is a dark, gritty psychic warfare epic from a USA TODAY and WALL STREET JOURNAL bestselling author. Set in an alternate version of Earth where a second race of beings called “Seers” live alongside humans, this is for fans of romantic, character-driven science fiction and fantasy worlds, filled with twists and turns and backstabbing betrayals, with heroes and villains who are often the same people.

The world is dying. Everyone feels it, and yet... no one knows.

They said that when the end was near, a Bridge would come, and lead them out of the darkness of that dying world.

My name is Allie Taylor, and I am that Bridge.


Hope everyone enjoys the new book!

And keep an eye out for the companion novels if you're a fan of the series! These are definitely worth the read and fill out a lot of history referenced in the main books, especially when it comes to big things between Allie and Revik!

Love + Light,


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