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Shiny new cover art... :)

So I wanted to update everyone on the results of the giant rebranding project I've been working on behind the scenes.

Big caveat / FYI, however: the only series depicted below that has the new covers available right now is the BRIDGE AND SWORD series. The others are coming very soon, but aren't available yet.

The rest will be changing over in the next few weeks. I wish I could flip them all RIGHT NOW, but with traveling and some health issues and a few other things, it will sadly take me a little longer than that. I also need to do some editing and formatting before I can order the final paperbacks for everything, and I'm still in the process of releasing the last of the BRIDGE AND SWORD books before I can even get to those.

So, just to make it clear: none of these are available to buy yet except BRIDGE AND SWORD! Related to that, however, if you want a copy of the current covers (especially in paperback form), you should definitely buy them now! They will be going away in a few weeks when I flip to the new ones, and it will be difficult (if not impossible) to get copies with the old covers.

In terms of order, since the editing changes will be pretty minimal for the Vampire Detective Midnight series, that one will likely be going up next, as soon as I finish off the last of the Bridge and Sword books. At the moment I'm just starting work on the companion novels for that series, but I expect those to go pretty danged fast since they don't need much apart from a light editing and to be reformatted.

In the meantime, however, I thought I would share everything all at once, just to give you an idea of the direction everything is going now. In some ways this is a return to my previous brand, as I feel the shift to more "romance-y" covers wasn't a good fit for my books. Overall, I feel like this process has really focused me in terms of not just the covers themselves, but what I like to write, and what I plan to continue writing.

So with that, let's start with BRIDGE AND SWORD! Right now, the first nine books are all up in both ebook and paperback with the new covers. The final book, SWORD AND SUN, will be coming out in two parts starting Wednesday of next week. Then the companion novels will be coming out fairly quickly shortly after that.

Here's the full spread with all the new covers:

As you can see with these, a few titles changed. The main one is that "Mated Seers" has changed to DEATH SEER. Since I'm moving away from the romance branding this just made sense. I also had to break SWORD AND SUN, Book Ten, into two parts, because it was just too danged long and the paperback was really becoming an issue.

In terms of titles, I made the most changes to the companion novels. That won't matter to anyone who hadn't seen / read the books in their previous form, since I hadn't re-released these yet, but for those who had read them before "New York" is now ALLIE, "Trickster" is now TERIAN, and "The Defector" is now THE EX-ROOK. I also changed "The Guardian" to GUARDIAN SEER.

The only two that stayed the same were REVIK and A GLINT OF LIGHT.

Here are some larger versions so you can get a better look at the individual covers:

And here are the companion novels to the series (these are all coming soon!):