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Hey, reader friends! I wanted to let everyone know that I'm participating in a ONE DAY ONLY sale with all FREE BOOKS, with over 600 titles! Be sure and stop by to grab fill up your kindle for the fall! Tons of bestselling authors, or just authors that are new to you, or that maybe you've been meaning to check out but haven't! Our one-day sale has gotten so big now, we have it all broken up into categories so be sure and scroll down to make sure you don't miss any! :) check out the book sale, or click the graphic above!

As a part of this sale, I'm offering DARK SEERS (Bridge and Sword: Book One) FOR FREE until Saturday!


DARK SEERS (Bridge and Sword: Book One) free until Saturday this weekend

~ Brief Description of DARK SEERS (Bridge and Sword: Book One) ~

Like most humans, Allie only glimpses Seers at a distance, usually in sex clubs, or on the leash of the wealthy and powerful of San Francisco. Fascinating, beautiful, deadly, Seers exist totally outside her world until a male seer enters her life and completely upends it. The first chapter in an epic, soul-crushing, psychic romance that can get dark, dark, dark… yet still contains a lot of light.

FREE UNTIL SATURDAY! SciFi Romance. Apocalyptic.


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