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New Urban Fantasy Preorder! LIGHTBRINGER (Light & Shadow #1)

**Brand new series by USA Today & Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, JC Andrijeski!**


This is book #1 in a BRAND NEW urban fantasy and paranormal romance series I have coming out in a few months!

See below for the full book description, or:

to preorder your copy now!

“Do you have a name?” she queried politely.

“Caliginous,” he told her. “You may call me Cal. Or Calin.”

Her lips pursed. “Cal. Calin. Caliginous. As in dark, misty,” she mused. “…also opaque. Difficult to understand.”

“Indeed.” The creature smiled.

Alexis is a Lightbringer, one of a race meant to protect the portals linking the worlds, to keep them safe from dark beings. Gods, monsters, demons, vampires, interdimensional bad guys – Alexis deals with them all, protecting humanity, protecting Earth.

But something’s gone horribly wrong.

Someone is murdering Lightbringers.

The portals are all opening.

The Traveler, Cal, was supposed to be there to help her. An odd race, Travelers historically helped and spied for the Lightbringers before, sliding in and out of dimensions, helping to patrol the portals, infiltrating, observing, nudging, influencing, reporting back to their betters.

But the Travelers are tired of watching from the sidelines.

And Cal isn’t an ordinary Traveler.


LIGHTBRINGER is the very first book in the Light & Shadow series, a brand new urban fantasy and paranormal romance series by USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, JC Andrijeski. It’s a gritty urban fantasy with unique, out of this world characters, ideal for fans of K.F. Breene, Shayne Silvers, Patricia Briggs, C.N. Crawford, Linsey Hall.

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