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New Release! DARK SEERS is now LIVE! :)

Hey, so I've got a new/old thing to share with you today!

So, big news today - I'm completely relaunching my BRIDGE & SWORD series, a science fiction romance + apocalypse epic that spans ten (10) main series novels and six (6) companion novels. For the re-launch, I'll be keeping the series name, but the books themselves will have all new titles (see below for the full list).

I am also re-publishing them entirely, which means they will lose all previous reviews, and have all new links!

This is something I've actually been planning for the past year or so, but for a number of reasons, the project got bumped up on my schedule. I just released DARK SEERS (Bridge and Sword: Book One) today!

It's a completely revised version of the book, with some expanded scenes, some edits / changes for pace and clarity, and a brand new BONUS EPILOGUE to go with each of the main series books. There will also be a brand new paperback coming soon with graphics in the chapter headings to go with the new content + covers!

As an fyi, the edits won't change the overall story significantly, so if you're partway through the series, no worries - you won't lose anything in terms of the arc or characters. I am expanding some scenes, as I said, and also writing BONUS MATERIAL for each of the main novels, which will be ready with each new re-release.

Between the bonus chapters, the shiny new edits, and the fancy new paperbacks, I'm hoping there will be something cool for new and old readers of the books! :)

See below for sample covers and chapter headings!

~ List of OLD / NEW Titles ~

Book #1: Rook is now “Dark Seers” Book #2: Shield is now “Mated Seers” Book #3: Sword is now “Rogue Seers” Book #4: Shadow is now “Shadow Seer” Book #5: Knight is now “Seer Knight” Book #6: War is now “Seer of War” Book #7: Bridge is now “Bridge of Light” Book #8: Prophet is now “Seer Prophet” Book #9: Dragon is now “The Dragon God” Book #10: Sun is now “Sword and Sun”


New York is now “The Seer” Revik is now “Bad Seer” Trickster is now “Broken Seer” The Defector is now “Seer Rising” A Glint of Light is now “A Seer’s Love” The Guardian is now “Seer Guardian”

~ MATED SEERS is going live on May 21st! ~


Hope everyone enjoys the new versions of the books!

And for those who haven't checked out this series yet, now is a great time! They are definitely fan favorites, and if you enjoy VAMPIRE DETECTIVE MIDNIGHT or QUENTIN BLACK MYSTERY, these are the books that first established the world of the seers and some of the earliest characters!

I also got a chance to update the COMING SOON page on my website, so if there are other books / series you were looking for updates on, be sure and CLICK HERE for all the new dates!

Hope everyone is doing well otherwise, and happy reading!


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