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Look What's Coming! THE WHITE DEATH :)

Just some quick reminders about an upcoming release, & preorders I now have on offer. Plus, a brand new giveaway for April, and a new fantasy & paranormal book fair, below.


So, Light Brigade friends... It's cooooming, lol. In just two weeks, the next installment in the Vampire Detective Midnight series will be LIVE! Grab your copy now, so it shows up on your reader the minute it drops!

THE WHITE DEATH (Vampire Detective Midnight #5) CLICK HERE TO PREORDER

(...or scroll down below for more information)

Nick will do anything to keep his mate safe. Anything.

Even if it means selling his soul to his vampire sire, and rejoining the dark underground of vampires known as the White Death.

Dimitry Yi, infamous anti-vampire extremist, has been missing for weeks. His rabid followers are losing their minds.

Dead bodies start appearing around the city, marked with the symbol of Dimitry Yi. Riots break out in vampire neighborhoods, even as bombs go off at government buildings and cafes. New York grows increasingly violent and unstable, bringing pressure from many to just give the terrorists what they want.

The message is clear: give them their leader back, or the killings will continue. Worse, now they appear to be targeting Nick, maybe because he’s famous as a cage-fighting vampire, but more likely from his role as a Midnight, a vampire homicide detective for the NYPD. Someone knows about Nick’s involvement in Dimitry Yi’s disappearance, and they will do anything to get him to release Yi – including targeting Nick’s girlfriend, an obvious “race-traitor” and blood whore to a vampire.

In the end, Nick decides he must look to his own kind for help. Even if that means indebting himself to his sire, Brick, a human-hating vampire with a twisted agenda of his own.

VAMPIRE DETECTIVE MIDNIGHT is a gritty, romantic new series set in a futuristic, dystopian New York populated by vampires, humans and psychics trying to rebuild their world after a devastating race war nearly obliterates the previous one. Written by USA TODAY and WALL STREET JOURNAL bestselling author, JC Andrijeski, it features vampire homicide detective, Nick Tanaka, who works as a “Midnight,” or vampire in the employ of the human police department. Perfect for fans of paranormal mystery and sexy urban fantasy!




Check out the next book in the QUENTIN BLACK MYSTERY series! Black’s secret identity is out… as in WAY out… as in, he more or less announced who and what he was to every human in the world. Black is now actively feared and coveted by every government and human in the world, and it's likely to get him and his mate, Miri, killed.



Check out the next book in the ANGELS IN L.A. series, coming soon! Dags and Phoenix are now dealing with the wrath of the most powerful demon they've ever encountered after they steal that demon's mate in an attempt to save her!



I have a brand new series coming soon! Check out the first book: LIGHTBRINGER (Light & Shadow #1)! Alexis is a Lightbringer, one of a race meant to protect the portals linking the worlds, to keep them safe from dark beings. But something’s gone horribly wrong. Someone is murdering Lightbringers. And the handsome, mysterious Traveler, the only person sent to help her, may not be on her side at all...



I'm also in a fantasy and paranormal book fair!

All books are either FREE or 99 CENTS for a limited time! :) CLICK HERE FOR FREE & 99 CENT BOOKS! (or click the graphic above!)


I'm also part of a big giveaway this month!

From the organizer: It's time to win the big bucks again! Follow some amazing Fantasy & Sci-fi authors on Bookbub and enter to win a $300 Amazon gift card!

CLICK HERE TO ENTER! (or click the graphic above!)


Whew! I think that's everything! :)

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