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BLACK IS MAGIC is here! :)

I've got a brand new novel out in the Quentin Black Mystery World!

This one ended up surprising me a lot, in terms of where the plot went, even for major arcs of the characters. I kind of love it when that happens, but it has a tendency to blow up some things I thought I was going to do (lol). Either way, I can't wait to hear what others think about the book! The early reviews I've gotten so far have made me so happy! :)

If you want to skip all that and just grab your copy of the book:



“I can't emphasize how much it moved me.”

“…I was surprised about several turn of events.”

"You really have to read this book it is just so good, it is


~ book description ~

They want back what Black took. Even if it kills him. Even if it kills his mate.

Black’s old army buddy, Cal, needs Black’s help on a new case––a bizarre murder in San Jose, where a man is found sawed in half. The victim, a wealthy venture-capitalist and soon to be brother-in-law of Black’s friend, disappeared right before his fortieth birthday party. Holed up in Santa Fe with his wife, Miri, waiting for another friend to recover from a near-fatal injury, Black has time to kill, and he owes Cal. But nothing about the murderer or his victims is what it seems. When their main suspect takes out Black and Miri single-handedly, destroying a building in the process, it sets off a series of events that could have significance for the entire world. Worse, an old enemy stands ready in the wings to take advantage of the situation, and get his revenge on Miri and Black. Killing them may be his final act before he remakes the world in his own, twisted image. Only this time, he’ll have the creation’s two most powerful beings at his side.

I really hope you like this one!

Also, as an FYI...

I wrote a BONUS EPILOGUE for this book!

So when you get to the end, be sure and click on the graphic so you can read the free short story that's included! Or, if you're waiting on the paperback version of the book, you can grab the URL from the back as soon as it comes out. That should be in just a few days, depending on when the cover artist is able to create a paperback version for me. :) Most of all, thanks so much for reading! I really hope you enjoy the new novel!

Safe and beautiful travels my friends!

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