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Sci-Fi Summer Fling (and giveaway!)

Updated: May 14, 2023

Who doesn't love a good Summer Fling? Entire Musicals have been written about it! And today we're here to bring you the Summer Fling of a Book Lover's dreams. Twenty SciFi writers have come together to offer a multi-media book experience for bibliophiles that you just can't resist. These authors include Hugo Nominees, International Best-Sellers, Award Winners, USA Today Best-Sellers, and some of the Best Sci-Fi Authors available today (even NPR agrees!)

We have paperbacks, ebooks, audiobooks, swag, a $50 gift card and more, all for ONE lucky winner. Sounds amazing, doesn't it?

The event is from 7/23 and 8/6 so don’t miss the chance to enter! enter the giveaway!!

Enter and you have a chance to win gifts from these authors, plus you'll be added to their newsletters where you'll have more chances to get free ebooks and hear about new releases and other promotions:

Prizes include:

**$50 Amazon Gift Card**

**Paperbacks of: Scavenger: Evolution, Beyond the Stars: A Planet Too Far, Massacre at Lonesome Ridge, The Luna Deception, The Future Chronicles - Special Edition, Shroud of Eden, Paperback of Strikers, First 2 paperbacks in the Corporate Marines series, The Running of the Tyrannosaurs, Blink, Noah Zarc: Mammoth Trouble, Rebel's Honor

**Audible copy of: Red Rex: Blood Echoes

**Swag: KN Lee Tote bag

**Ebooks of: Paradisi Escape, Book 1 of the Paradisi Exodus Series, The Morph (Gate Shifter Book 1), The Invariable Man

Sponsoring Authors:

Gwynn White ~ author of Rebel's Honor

Demelza Carlton ~ with a new release coming this fall

D. Robert Pease ~ author of Noah Zarc: Mammoth Trouble

Timothy C. Ward ~ author of Scavenger: Evolution

Patrice Fitzgerald ~ publisher of Beyond the Stars: A Planet Too Far

Samantha Warren ~ author of Space Grease & Pixie Dust

Felix R. Savage ~ author of The Luna Deception

Cheri Lasota ~ author of Paradisi Escape

Samuel Peralta ~ publisher of The Future Chronicles - special edition

P.K. Tyler ~ author of The Jakkattu Vector

Marlin Desault ~ author of Shroud of Eden

Ann Christy ~ author of Strikers

Tom Germann ~ author of Corporate Marines

Calinda B ~ author of Red Rex: Blood Echoes

Stant Litore ~ author of The Running of the Tyrannosaurs

JC Andrijeski ~ author of Rook (Allie's War Book One)

E. E. Giorgi ~ author of Akaela (Dystopian YA)

A.K. Meek ~ author of The Invariable Man

Will Swardstrom ~ author of Blink

Hope you enjoy the sale! :)



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