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Cover Reveal! BLACK AND BLUE...

Updated: May 14, 2023

Just a quickie post to show off the brand new cover (and GIF version of that cover) for the next QUENTIN BLACK MYSTERY novel, BLACK AND BLUE (Quentin Black Mystery #5), which is due out in June.

I suck at holding onto covers once I have them in my greedy little hands. I ended up posting it on Facebook only an hour or so after she gave me the final, so thought I might as well share it "officially" on here too (lol).

So here it is...

I'm so happy with it! As usual, I had only a vague idea of a concept (mostly a play on the title). So I told her I wanted some reference to the police, plus, if it worked, some detail of Los Angeles but neither thing needed to be heavy handed.

I'm so, so happy with what she came up with... the police guy is hot and the blue to me even looks like part of police siren, which is just so cool. : )

I don't have a blurb yet or anything, but I'm thinking this still gives a small teaser as to what's coming (hopefully in early or mid-June).

And since my amazing cover artist, Jennifer Munswami at J.M. Rising Horse Creations is now playing around with doing GIF versions of covers. Lucky me, she decided to experiment with this one the same day she made it.

Only a few hours after I got the final, she sent me this as a bonus...

Hope you like the new cover!

I'm excited! It's PERFECT for the story ~ which of course is making me really want to get back to working on it, lol.

I just have one more project I need to finish up first, which is SHADOW WINGS, a standalone novel that's part of a multi-author project called "Skeleton Key" ~ I'll have more info on that one in a few weeks, but it's been a really fun project to work on! It's about an angel who ends up in Russia during the Cold War while hunting a demon. Due to a strange twist of fate (and a magical key!), the angel ends up on Earth, where he has to partner with a female KGB agent to keep that same demon from starting a war...

I'll have more on that one soon, as I said - but it's coming out in May!

Until next time, happy reading...!!

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