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Giant free book sale - one day only


Hey, reader friends! I've joined another free book event this weekend, with a brand new group of authors I've never done a big promotion with before called The Cavalcade of Authors. We're offering books for free from August 4-6th, so basically this whole weekend.

There are over 200 free books being offered!

As a part of that, I have a free book available until Monday, August 7th. The second book in my ANGELS IN L.A. series, BAD ANGEL, is FREE all weekend!

I also decided to extend the $0.99 deal for my first boxset in the QUENTIN BLACK MYSTERY series (normally $9,99), so if you haven't gotten around to picking that one up, be sure and scroll all the way down to grab your copy!

Happy Free/Discount Book Weekend!

I hope you find lots of great authors / reads!

Click here for giant free book sale! check out the book sale, or click the graphic above!

As a part of this sale, I'm offering my angel mystery novel, BAD ANGEL, for FREE until Monday, August 7th!

Midnight Fight is FREE until Monday

~ Book Description ~

A hell-portal he can’t close. An unattainable movie star he can’t get out of his head. A whole lot of demons he can’t de-possess fast enough.

Dags spent months trying to forget Phoenix X, the movie star who might be an angel and the one woman he can’t be with. He tries anything he can think of to forget about her: he hunts demons, hires psychics, avoids her calls… sleeps with a lot of random women.

Nothing helps. Worse, he sees her everywhere, on billboards and in the media, and usually with her movie star boyfriend.

Then a new case lands in his lap. A high school buddy named Uri shows up on Dags’ door, begging for Dags’ help to find his missing wife. Dags soon discovers supernatural beings are involved, and worse, the wife’s disappearance might have something to do with Dags himself, and what he’s done to piss off the demon underground.

Bad things start multiplying as Dags digs into the case: demon hit squads, evil pool parties, mystical drugs, more friends disappearing, illicit make-out sessions, and guns, a lot of guns… and Dags really hates guns.

All those hell-portal demons decided to fight back. If Dags doesn’t get better at being an angel, fast, he might not make it out alive. Worse, he might not save his friends, or Phoenix, or anyone else.

BAD ANGEL is book two in the ANGELS IN L.A. series by USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, JC Andrijeski. It’s a gritty angel paranormal mystery with a real-world tone, a strong romantic subplot, and complicated characters that will stick with you.

FREE UNTIL MONDAY! Paranormal Mystery. Romantic. Angels.

Click here for a free copy of Midnight Fight


discounted boxset Quentin Black Mystery: Psychic Detective The first boxset of the series includes books #1-3, plus “Black Christmas," a series novella, and “Black Supper,” a short story Only $0.99 until Saturday Night!

click the image below to buy (or to read in Kindle Unlimited)

Sale Price for QBM Boxset #1


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