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SEER WARS SEASON ONE (Part III) is now LIVE! Plus, Part I is currently FREE!

Hey reading addicts, the final installment of SEER WARS SEASON ONE: A New Earth just came out! And yes, before anyone asks, there WILL be a Season 02, and it's coming very soon, and that one will have five books instead of three. For more on that, there's an author's note at the bottom of this with a slightly more detailed update.

For all of these books, you can either buy or read it for FREE on Kindle Unlimited if you have a subscription. I also have paperbacks coming for the first season books in the next week or so (just waiting on cover art), and will eventually have box sets and hard covers, as well. I'm also working on Audiobooks, but I'm a little slower with those right now.


CLICK HERE for PART III, or click the image below!

ALSO - I have a special surprise for this week, in honor of finishing up SEASON 01 - the first novel of the season is FREE right now! So if you haven't read these books yet, now is a great time to start!

...or you can click the second graphic, below!



Brand New Novel in Kindle Unlimited!

Click the image below to grab your copy on Amazon, or to read on Kindle Unlimited! :)

Seer Wars: A New Earth (part III)

PLUS ~ a bonus for release week: a free copy of book one! (click below)

Free copy of Seer Wars Season One (part I)

book description for Part III ~

“We will get past this, you and I,” the big male said. “I am certain of it.”

Valek’s muscles tensed as the other male spoke.

He already knew the other seer was wrong.

He already knew he would have to kill him.

River and Valek wake to find themselves trapped inside their own worst nightmare: sight-collared, drugged, chained to the walls of a blank metal room. They trusted the wrong people. They’ve been handed to The Eye, the dark seers they’ve spent months trying to evade.

All they want is to get back to the universe’s last inter-dimensional portal, and to Valek’s home world. He promised River’s family, and River herself, he would do whatever it took to return her to them.

He’d finally nearly done what he promised, when his oldest friends betrayed him. Half-bonded, half out of their minds with light poisoning, River and Valek have to fight their way free before the leader of the Wolves breaks them. Valek doesn’t know precisely what they want, but he knows he can never let that happen, no matter the cost.


Author’s Note: This was written originally as a serial, and individual books end on cliffhangers as a result. I’ll be releasing parts of seasons within a few weeks of one another whenever possible to make this easier on readers, and also to keep the books at a reasonable length. Thanks!


SEER WARS is an epic, romantic, gritty science fantasy series that started off as a serial and now is being released as a series of novels. Abandoned in Los Angeles as a weapon for a future inter-dimensional war, River Cleopatra Jones never knew her true identity until she got abducted by seer, ex-soldier, and pirate, Valek Targen. But Valek has his own dark secrets, and a much deeper connection to River and her purpose than either of them know. Apocalyptic science fiction, enemies to lovers, forced proximity, slow-burn science fantasy with romance for people who like complex, character-driven sci-fi with a strong romantic subplot.


Hope everyone likes the new book! I admit, I'm most excited about hearing feedback on this one, given some of the reader cookies there at the end. :)

I'll actually be in Yosemite when you get this, hiking and giving myself a little writing retreat while the weather is still lovely and the waterfalls are super full. I'm writing this a few days in advance in case the wifi is crazy up there. I'm only going to be there for a few days, but I can't wait. It's one of my favorite places in the world, and I always write a ton while I'm there.

In other Seer Wars-related news, I also loaded the preorder for SEER WARS SEASON TWO: A New Enemy (Part I), for those who want to know when that will go live. I put a little more of a gap between seasons than I had between individual books, since I wanted to try and get a novel from a different series out before I move to the next season. That said, as I mentioned above, I already know that there will be five books in Season 02, and I've ordered all of the cover art for those (ebook only at this point, since I don't have final page counts yet). They will all be long-ish novels too, like Season 01, so FYI to those who care about length.

Once I start working on Season 02, I'll try to maintain the same short release times between the individual parts. A ton happens in the next season, so I can't wait to get cracking on it! :)


As I've mentioned elsewhere, this series is pretty different in some ways to a lot of stuff I've written, in that it's got a lot of space opera and more direct scifi components, and the "written as a serial first" format structures the novels slightly differently. That said, the brand new, PART III novel should make some of my long-time readers squeal a bit. There is tons of crossover at the end, including with some characters I've been asked about a LOT in the past, with people wondering if they'd ever show up in another of my works.

So I hope that makes some of you happy!

Obviously, there will be even more of that in Season 02. :)

In the meantime, I really hope you enjoy Season One (Part III) and the free copy of Season One (Part I), and that you're having a fantastic week and weekend!

Best wishes, happy summer, and happy reading to all!

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