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SEER WARS SEASON ONE: A New Earth (Part I) ~ Brand New Novel for only $0.99!

Hey reading addicts, I have a present today!

I've just released the first novel version from my Seer Wars serial!

I've also decided to offer it for only $0.99, partly because it's first in the series, but also because I've made some of you wait so long, lol - I think I got requests to make this into a novel even before I dropped the first episode. You can also read it in Kindle Unlimited right now, if you have a subscription, and a paperback version will be coming soon!


CLICK HERE for the link, or click the image below!


Brand New Novel for only $0.99!

Seer Wars: A New Earth (part I)

book description ~

Back up. Down the ladder, sister.

Her hands gripped the holes in the wall. “Am I a prisoner?”

Surprise flickered over his face, a bare ripple.

River got the sense the surprise was real.

She also got the feeling people didn’t question him much.

River Cleopatra Jones just finished a movie shoot as a stuntwoman in Hollywood, California, when she’s abducted by surly, uncommunicative space pirate, Valek Targen.

After scaring her, blowing a hole through the middle of her ex-boyfriend, and unceremoniously knocking her out, he informs River that her “real” family hired him to bring her back. He also tells her they live in a different dimension, on a whole other version of Earth.

River’s maybe not as surprised by the news as she should be. 

Plagued by strange dreams and psychic since childhood, she suffered through foster homes and adoption before finally being rescued by her friend, Malcolm, who took her away from all that, trained her as a stuntwoman, and put her to work.

Now, as River struggles to adjust to an alien, overtly hostile and, at times, disturbingly familiar-feeling world, she fights constantly with her even more hostile and intractable guardian and captor, Valek, who harbors dark secrets of his own.


Author’s Note: This was written originally as a serial, and individual books end on cliffhangers as a result. I’ll be releasing parts of seasons within a few weeks of one another whenever possible to make this easier on readers, and also to keep the books at a reasonable length. Thanks!


SEER WARS is an epic, romantic, gritty science fantasy series that started off as a serial and now is being released as a series of novels. Abandoned in Los Angeles as a weapon for a future inter-dimensional war, River Cleopatra Jones never knew her true identity until she got abducted by seer, ex-soldier, and pirate, Valek Targen. But Valek has his own dark secrets, and a much deeper connection to River and her purpose than either of them know. Apocalyptic science fiction, enemies to lovers, forced proximity, slow-burn science fantasy with romance for people who like complex, character-driven sci-fi with a strong romantic subplot.

Seer Wars: A New Earth (part I)

I've also put up the preorder to book two, as I didn't want to leave too much of a gap between releases with these. Due to the structure of serials, they're cliffhangers, so I don't like to leave people hanging for too long… so it's only three weeks between books 1-2, and I'm planning to release the final book in the first season two weeks after that, so the entire season (three longish novels) should be up in five weeks!


As for the books themselves, let's just say it was a lot of fun making them novels, and even just looking at them after two years. I don't know how much serial readers will notice, especially since it's been a while for most of you (like it had been for me), but I feel the books changed pretty significantly in the transition from serial to novel. For one thing, I know the characters a lot better now, so everything is much more consistent to who they are, especially in terms of the main female character, River, which of course extends into how she and the main male character interact.


The paperback is on its way, as I said ~ I'm ordering the cover in the next few days ~ and I have a new page on my website devoted to the series as of yesterday, too!


I really hope you enjoy them! It's pretty different in some ways to a lot of stuff I've written, in that it's got a lot of space opera and more direct scifi components, and also just the format from it having been a serial. That said, I think there'll be a lot about it that's familiar, too - the seer world, of course, but also just some of the dynamics with the characters should be familiar to a lot of you.


I hope it works! I'm looking forward to hearing people's views!

Best wishes, and happy reading to all!

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