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SEER WARS SEASON ONE (Part II) ~ A Brand New Novel!

Hey reading addicts, I'm a little late on this, but I have a brand new novel that just came out last week, the second part of my Seer Wars series! You can either buy it or read it for FREE on Kindle Unlimited if you have a subscription. Check below for the book's description, or you can just click the link below to see it on Amazon. Paperback versions will also be coming soon, probably when I round out the first season with Part III in a few weeks!


CLICK HERE for the link, or click the image below!


Brand New Novel in Kindle Unlimited!

Seer Wars: A New Earth (part II)

book description ~

“I can think of lots of reasons why someone might want to kill me. Sadly, none are anything I can reasonably pin on Targen…”

Grago quirked an eyebrow.

“…Although,” River went on, a touch lighter. “I can think of a much longer list of reasons why some might want to kill him.”

River just landed on a new world, with all new laws, customs, clothing, and enemies. Here, River is property, a slave in all but name, and she belongs exclusively to her abductor, Valek Targen, who still refuses to tell her anywhere near enough, despite escalating dangers facing them both.

Luckily, Targen’s friend, a human named Grago, is more than willing to fill in the gaps, even as Targen grows increasingly erratic, and angry about their new friendship.

River tells herself they won’t be there long, that she can keep her head down, stay alive. The planet’s only a way-station en route to her family, a necessary but dangerous step to get them to the inter-dimensional portal. But a lot of forces and individuals want to keep them there, not to mention agents sent to kidnap her to other, even more hostile, worlds.

Durag, ruthless leader of the local human military, poses their greatest threat. He wants River locked up or under his control, but River isn’t even Durag’s real prize. The person he really wants is Targen: infamous seer assassin, infiltrator, spy, ex-soldier in Durag’s army. Targen’s skills are legendary and unique, and Durag, who badly wants to start a new war, will do anything to get them back.


Author’s Note: This was written originally as a serial, and individual books end on cliffhangers as a result. I’ll be releasing parts of seasons within a few weeks of one another whenever possible to make this easier on readers, and also to keep the books at a reasonable length. Thanks!


SEER WARS is an epic, romantic, gritty science fantasy series that started off as a serial and now is being released as a series of novels. Abandoned in Los Angeles as a weapon for a future inter-dimensional war, River Cleopatra Jones never knew her true identity until she got abducted by seer, ex-soldier, and pirate, Valek Targen. But Valek has his own dark secrets, and a much deeper connection to River and her purpose than either of them know. Apocalyptic science fiction, enemies to lovers, forced proximity, slow-burn science fantasy with romance for people who like complex, character-driven sci-fi with a strong romantic subplot.


For those who missed it... click the image below to find PART ONE, which is only $0.99!!

Seer Wars: A New Earth (part I)

I also loaded the preorder to book three, since I told people I wouldn't leave much of a gap between these, at least within individual seasons. Due to the structure of serials, the books are going to be cliffhangers in pretty much every case, so I wanted to release them close to one another whenever possible.

That said, at the end of Season 01, there MIGHT be a short break while I put out a different book - I'll have more on that later, but that's the tentative plan right now, so I don't want to put anything solid into my publishing plan until I'm further into that project. :)


I really hope you enjoy them! It's pretty different in some ways to a lot of stuff I've written, in that it's got a lot of space opera and more direct scifi components, and also just the format from it having been a serial means the structure of the novels is a bit different. That said, there's some crossover that's involved, of course - although this will become a lot more obvious in PART III of Season 01, and for every book that follows after that one. :)

In the meantime, enjoy Part II, and have a great week!

Best wishes, and happy reading to all!

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