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New Preorder! TYR (Gods on Earth #3)

If you've enjoyed THOR and LOKI (or just really like gods of war!), I've got a new preorder available in the GODS ON EARTH series! :)


This is book #3 in my new paranormal romance series about the Norse Gods having adventures and romance on Earth! :) This one is about TYR, God of War, who is sent to Earth not so much to start wars, but to try and find ways to keep them from happening.

I've had a blast writing these, so I really hope you enjoy them!

See below for the full book description, or:

to preorder your copy now!

I’m trying to save her life.

I’m trying to stop a war.

But nothing about Marion Ravenscroft is easy.

And the world wants to careen into war, no matter what I do.

I’m out of practice in dealing with human women.

Especially human women who do strip teases for me, the first time I meet them. Especially human women I feel strangely drawn to, pulled into, like I knew her before I even met her. Especially human women who won’t do a damned thing I say.

I’m Tyr, God of War, son of Odin.

I’m supposed to be the adult in the room. Among my brothers, I’m the one who is duty-bound to keep the humans from destroying themselves, to keep peace among their tribes. Yet it was Loki who sent me on this quest, when his new wife stumbled upon a plot to kidnap the daughter of the President of the United States.

It should have been an easy way to stop a war. A simple tracking job. A simple rescue. I deliver Marion to her father, and then I deal with the dark forces attempting to harm her.

But Marion won’t let me save her.

She also might be the thing to finally make me lose my cool.


TYR is book #3 in Gods on Earth, a fun paranormal romance and urban fantasy series, ideal for people who want a light romp to Asgard, mischievous gods falling for unwitting humans and battling over magical objects, not to mention dragons, magical wolves, grumpy witches, and a dose of wicked trickster games.

Hope you enjoy the new shiny, and CHECK OUT HERE for other new things, including a brand new release, and two more preorders from your favorite series! :)

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