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Happy New Year!


I hope you're all enjoying the end of 2020 and the beginning of the new year! 2020 has been a wild, strange, confusing ride for sure, and a really difficult one for a lot of us. So here's to new beginnings, new sunrises, new hope on the horizon for everyone!

I wrote a newsletter explaining a lot of big changes I have afoot this year, but I wanted to share it here, too, for those who prefer it in blog form. The launch of my new book / series is a part of that, so here's the link again for those who missed it the first time!

I, ANGEL (Angels in L.A. #1) ONLY $0.99 for Release Week! CLICK HERE!

The new book is part of some big changes, which I detail below.

Oh, and if you want to join my newsletter and get this stuff a little earlier, CLICK HERE to join THE LIGHT BRIGADE!


Hey there, everyone! Hope this note from the writing cave finds you all well!

For me, this is the culmination of everything I've been doing this past year, most of which involved experimenting with a pen name, JULIE LIGHT.

I have to say, I learned a TON through this process, so I don't regret it at all, but in the end, I came to the conclusion that having a second pen name wasn't really working for me.

There were a couple of reasons for that.

For one thing, it was causing me to completely neglect my JCA readers and world, (because apparently I can only focus well on one thing at a time... go figure, lol), and for another, frankly, the books just weren't different enough to justify the schizophrenia.

In the end, it kind of hit me, I'd be a lot happier if I consolidated the names and rolled out my new ideas under JC Andrijeski.

And I have to say, already, this plan is making me super happy, and allowing me to focus most of my time on the WRITING again... which is always a bonus. I really hope it will make my readers happy, too!

To kick that off this week, which fittingly is the first week of the new year, I'm offering the first book in my brand new series, ANGELS IN L.A. for only 99 cents! I also added a bonus epilogue to the end as a free short story, so for those who picked up the title when it was listed under JULIE LIGHT, you might still want to grab a copy while it's on sale! :)

There are a bunch of other changes you're likely to see in the coming weeks. I'm already in process with some of them, like a redesign of my website and some changes to this newsletter.

A few other things to look for in the coming months:

▪ LOTS of new books, and new series are in the works, some of which will be rolled out relatively quickly in the coming months.

▪ I'm changing my newsletter name from "THE REBEL ARMY" to "THE LIGHT BRIGADE," and I'm changing the name of my reader group on Facebook from "THE REBEL BASE" to "THE LIGHT SANCTUARY"

▪ Some of my covers will be changing on previous series (this will likely be a gradual process)

▪ Another semi-interconnected world is starting to emerge from the new works, and even to intersect in ways with my Seer Worlds :)

▪ New bonus stories and epilogues at the end of my books, especially with the new series I'm working on for the next few months.

The big thing, of course is LOTS and LOTS of new books and series in the coming months!

I'm kicking that off with the ANGELS IN L.A. series (which I'm starting to love writing already), but I have two more series that are in process and will be rolling out soon, along with a new QUENTIN BLACK book planned for this year, and a new VAMPIRE DETECTIVE MIDNIGHT.

To me, this is ending up being the best of both worlds. I really hope readers feel the same as you see all the fun stuff I have planned for the coming months!

And Happy Happy New Years again! We all deserve a lovely and light-filled 2021!

Best wishes to all of you!

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JC Andrijeski
JC Andrijeski
02 Ιαν 2021

Hey, thanks so much, Shannon!! I really hope you enjoy the new series! Have a wonderful 2021! :)

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02 Ιαν 2021

How exciting!! I already bought Angel and pre ordered the next book! I have deleted my FB account. But I follow you everywhere else. I look forward to new reads from you! I still need to catch up on Nick ❤

Μου αρέσει
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