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Brand new release: A VAMPIRE'S CURSE!

Updated: May 14, 2023

I've got a brand new novel out - the next installment of Vampire Detective Midnight!

This is yet another book with an ending that surprised me! I hope everyone else is surprised by it too (in a good way, of course, lol). I kind of love it when that happens, especially when it all just makes so much sense, in terms of some previous elements of the plot. Some things I knew already, of course, but yes... the way I write can bring some interesting surprises as my subconscious pulls things together in interesting ways. :)

I hope others like it, too! The reviews on the book so far have been great, so I've got to hope the plot twists and surprises worked for more than just me! :)

For more information, scroll down for a book description!

If you want to skip all that and just grab your copy of the book:



“There is absolutely nothing to dislike... the story line is Fantastic. It's like being a drug addict, you want more and more and more...”

“OMG - I love these books!!!! This author is a true master of weaving a complex compelling tale which will drag you into Nicks world and you won't want to leave."

"What an amazing book, full of surprises. I really love the way this is gong, although I could never have imagined this would happen! Can't wait for the next book... I really love this series."

~ book description ~

They say you can never go home again.
In Nick’s case, he can’t seem to escape it. San Francisco is determined to suck him back in, whether he wants it or not.
But it’s only a few days.
He can do a few days without dying, right?

A high-profile cage match brings Nick back to his hometown, to fight for Farlucci’s vampire fight club. After years of avoiding going back, avoiding the crushing memories that live on those twisty streets, Nick returns now as a champion fighter and a celebrity. He can’t go anywhere without being recognized, and mobbed by excited fans.

While signing autographs, Nick is accosted by a strange vampire who swears he knows him, who has memories of Nick that make absolutely no sense. When Nick tries to investigate, things only get weirder, until Nick falls down a rabbit hole of missing memories and long-ago wars, friends and family long dead.

Before Nick can sort it out, his other boss, the one who works for the NYPD, wants Nick to stay in San Francisco, to help them solve a murder case back in Manhattan. But what should have been a routine investigation quickly merges with Nick’s past until both things feel connected.

But someone doesn't want that past unearthed, or the mysteries solved.

After an attempt on Nick's life, Wynter shows up, and pretty soon they're targeting her, too.

I really hope you like this one!

Also, as an FYI...

I wrote a BONUS EPILOGUE for this book!

So when you get to the end, be sure and click on the graphic so you can read the free short story that's included! If you're waiting on the paperback version of the book, that should be going live REALLY soon. I just submitted the paperback version to Amazon for approval, so hopefully it'll be live in the next twenty-four hours. Although you can't click the link on the paperback (ha!), you can grab the URL for the bonus epilogue from the back of the book. Thanks so much for reading! I really hope you enjoy the new Nick & Wynter adventure!

Safe and beautiful travels my friends!

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