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Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Hey reader friends... Just a super-quick note that the first boxset for VAMPIRE DETECTIVE MIDNIGHT is now LIVE!


(...or scroll down below for more information)


The first THREE (3) books in the VAMPIRE DETECTIVE MIDNIGHT series!

Vampire Detective Midnight (Book #1) Eyes of Ice (Book #2) The Prescient (Book #3)



Nick Midnight, homicide detective, had his heart ripped out, stomped on, destroyed. It nearly killed him.

He doesn’t talk about that. Anyway, things will be different in New York. No complications. No kids needing his help. No relationships. None of that human-vampire-psychic crap that got him in trouble in the past, or turned him evil for nearly a century. He’d toe the line, keep his head down, and do his job for the NYPD, where he works as a Midnight, a vampire who helps humans hunt down murderers.

Then Wynter James shows up.

A gorgeous, sexy, seer-human hybrid, Wynter treats Nick like she already knows him, like they’ve known one another for years. Nick wants her, bad, but he knows it’s a terrible idea, and not only because they’re not even legally allowed to date.

In other words, she’s Nick’s worst nightmare. She’s everything he swore he’d never do again. To make things worse, everything goes sideways with his first big case⏤dead hybrids, a seer kid who needs his help, graffiti that tells the future, a possible conspiracy involving the richest humans in New York.


EYES OF ICE (Book #2):

“A hundred thousand to fight. Twice that, if you win.”

Walking up to Nick at the underground vampire fights, a well-dressed promoter hands Nick a card, offering him a bucketload of cash for a few hours’ work.

All he has to do is fight another vampire.

If Nick can pull it off, he might have a lead on a big new case. Someone in the boxing circuit is murdering vampires, selling their parts on the black market, dumping their desiccated bodies outside the city dome. The NYPD doesn’t have a clue who’s behind it, and the lead detective wants Nick to use his new “in” to get inside the exclusive fight community.

Of course, Nick’s new hybrid girlfriend, Wynter James, hates everything about this plan. Nick’s not even supposed to be there; he’s still officially suspended from his last big screw-up with the racial authorities. He decides to risk it anyway, and by the end of the first match, half the underground boxing community knows who he is.

Unfortunately, the vampire-harvesting crew has their eye on Nick, too.

As for Wynter, she’s convinced Nick has a death wish. At the very least, she suspects he’d do just about anything to avoid the intense, volcanic, vampire emotions that come up whenever they’re together.



Nick swore he’d never bite her. He swore he’d never make her addicted to his blood.

An explosion rocks a famous building in Manhattan, blowing out whole floors, panicking the entire city. While everyone assumes terrorism, it looks like a robbery gone wrong, but no one knows what they tried to steal, or if they went there to commit murder.

Nick has no leads⏤just a dead human, and the dead human’s business partner, the city’s star architect, an eccentric vampire named Straven.

He’s also got Malek, a prescient seer who paints the future, and who desperately wants to warn Nick about this case. Unfortunately, Mal is strange as hell, cryptic to the point of infuriating, and doesn’t understand his own prescient paintings well enough to explain them to Nick.

None of that bothers Nick as much as Wynter, who he misses to the point of physical pain. After everything that happened during his last big case, Nick forced himself to break things off with her, if only to keep her safe, and both of them out of prison. Most of all, he did it to keep her safe from him, and the fact that seers become addicted to vampire venom.

...for your copy! Or to read on KINDLE UNLIMITED!

Hope you enjoy the new set!

As with most of my stuff, it's available on KINDLE UNLIMITED, so if you're a member and have been meaning to check out the series, now might be a great time to start your holiday binge of Nick and Wynter! :)

Best wishes, happy weekend, and lots of light ~


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