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New Release! THE DEFECTOR (Bridge & Sword #0.3)

Updated: May 18, 2019

I've got a new release I wanted to share!

Another Revik prequel in the Bridge & Sword series...


See below for the book description... or click the link above or the graphic below to get to the sales page. :)


He would be despised. By all of them, he would be despised.

The shadow of the Rooks hangs over Revik’s head––a constant reminder of the dark warrior he used to be.

Hidden away in monastic caves after he leaves the network of terrorist seers, Revik no longer knows who he is, or what his life means.

When a delegation from renowned holy warriors, the Adhipan, appears, asking for his help, his first impulse is to say no––until they tell him it is Kali who needs saving, Kali who rescued Revik from the dark, when no one else would.

Revik agrees to fly across the world, facing off against his old friends, the Rooks, including his ex-partner, Terian, who is clearly holding a grudge about Revik’s defection. When they come after him, either to kill him or bring him back into the fold, Revik finds himself faced with old demons and new temptations, and the ongoing decision of which side he will fight for, the light or the dark, and what he’s willing to give up to be the man he desperately wants to be.

In the end, he thinks he’s got nothing left to lose.

It turns out he’s wrong about that, too.

A Revik prequel novel in the Bridge & Sword series, and companion novel to Trickster (Bridge & Sword Prequel #0.2)

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