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BLACK AND BLUE ~ new characters!

So I'm in the home stretch finally on edits for BLACK AND BLUE, and will be creating a web page for it and teasers and so on too as soon as I get all the bookish things done. In the meantime, in my downtime I started making character "posters" for fun, since there are so many new characters in this one, so I thought I'd share those here.

I was going to make them of main characters too (and started to do so), but honestly, it's really HARD for main characters, since I have a much more specific image in my head for them. So I started like I said and then stopped in the end, so I might return to those when I have more time to hunt down models that fit better.

In the meantime, some new (and not-so-new) faces.... :)

Hope they are fun! Of course, most of them will mean more when you've actually read the book, but I thought they might give you some ideas anyway. :)

And working on the book itself of course as fast as I can - sorry there's no date yet, but I'd rather wait on giving a final date than disappoint people, so I appreciate your patience!

Best wishes and happy reading ~

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