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New Branding for Kirev's Door!

Updated: May 14, 2023

Wanted to share this brand new cover by JM Rising Horse Creations (Facebook page:, who does pretty much all of my cover art these days, or the vast majority of it, at least. I'd asked the designer, Jennifer Munswami, to create a cover for me for KIREV'S DOOR: A Quentin Black Mystery Prequel that matched the branding for the rest of the series.

She blew my mind, as usual, lol - I love this so much! It's just so pretty! :)

This longish novella was originally written as part of Uncollected Anthologies: Portals and Passageways, prior to me releasing BLACK IN WHITE (Quentin Black Mystery #1), so the branding never really lined up well. Now that I have the first four Quentin books out, I figured it was time to remedy that.

Hope you like it as much as I do!

Kirev's Door - new cover

If you want to see more of Jennifer Munswami's cover art and other design work, check out her website as well:

I have the new cover loaded everywhere now, but it might take a few days for it to show up on some of the sites. Kobo actually has two versions of the book for sale now, one that's branded with the rest of Uncollected Anthologies and one that's branded to Quentin Black.

You should definitely check out the other Uncollected Anthology projects as well! There are some amazing authors who participate in that series!

Hope you like the new design! :)

JC Andrijeski Logo

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