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Prequel to the QUENTIN BLACK MYSTERY series ~


Kirev is a seer. Raised in an alternate version of our Earth, his people are enslaved under human owners. While he is still young, Kirev joins a resistance army of rebel seers after spending most of his youth in work camps and brothels.


He wants to help his people. However, during his first mission with the seer rebels, Kirev faces a strange twist of fate and a terrifying new future.  Just when they are about to destroy a human research facility, a voice from his past intervenes and sends his life into a whole different direction.


Kirev's Door is a prequel for the Quentin Black Mystery series, and crossover story with the Allie’s War world, the alternate history, apocalyptic psychic warfare series.

Praise For JC Andrijeski's Writing

“Andrijeski delivers a whopper of an action flick…” ~ New Myths

“The sexual tension is scorching…” ~ The Muses Circle

“Amazing characters in an out-of-this-world scenario…” ~ The Indie Bookshelf

“The most impressive display of world-building I have seen in a while.” ~ I (Heart) Reading

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