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Stuff Your Ereader Event! ONE DAY ONLY!


Me and my writer pals are having one of our periodic HUGE freebie sales, where bestselling authors offer multiple titles from different series for FREE, and one day only!

This sale is a GREAT way to find a new author / series, and check out books and authors you may have been eyeing but hadn't quite taken the plunge with yet! find our huge list of awesome books!

As part of this sale, I'm offering up two FREE BOOKS of my own! BLACK IN WHITE (Quentin Black Mystery #1) and THOR (Gods on Earth #1) are both FREE, for this week only!

For the full sale, you can also click either graphic, below:



Here are a few other sales I have going over the next month! Unlike the sale above, you've got some time to check these out, but definitely give them a look when you get a chance! It's a perfect time to load up on new books now that hot chocolate and fireplace season is around the corner! (well, unless you're south of equator, lol)

Enjoy all the awesome book goodness! :)

And be sure and check out my new release, BLACK OF WING (Quentin Black Mystery #14)!

I've got more news coming soon, including a brand new PATREON for JC ANDRIJESKI, an upcoming book, and other fun stuff happening! :)

Until then, have a great week!

Best wishes,

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