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New Release! FANG & METAL (Vampire Detective Midnight #4) :)

Updated: May 14, 2023

I have a new release!

See below for the book description, or just click on the linked text above, or the any of the images, and they will take you to the sale page! I really hope you enjoy this one... it has some fun reveals on characters and some interesting twists.

Happy reading, and have a great weekend!

Click the link above, the cover below, or the button below that!

Someone wants all the vampires dead.

They may have found the perfect weapon

Weirdest crime scene ever? Check.

Guy eaten by a sentient wall? Check.

Every shady government agency in existence playing coverup? Check.

But is it murder?

Nick Tanaka, vampire homicide detective for the NYPD, stumbles into a political minefield when their new Midnight, a rookie vampire cop straight out of the police academy, shows up dead inside a high security vault. Morley, Nick’s boss, wants answers, but no one wants the NYPD on the case.

As a favor to Morley, Nick agrees to help, going to his contacts in the military-industrial complex to try and find answers.

Instead, he uncovers a conspiracy led by a murderous fanatic and his band of “blood-purity” crazies, who appear to want nothing less than all-out race war.

Worse, his hybrid girlfriend, Wynter James, is now in their crosshairs, too.

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