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New Release! DARK GODS (Light & Shadow #3)

A brand new book in the LIGHT & SHADOW series...


Hey, Light Brigade... I've got a brand new release for you today!


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The gates are closed. The world could be plunged forever into darkness. And Alexis, the last Lightbringer… Is a Lightbringer no more.

Alexis got them through the last portal.

She saved her friends, saved her world from the dark beings known as The Others.

She got them all away.

Well… most of them.

Now, everything she thought she won appears to be lost. The gates she’d closed to save them might never open again, leaving her world cut off from the light of the forces of good. Worse, Alexis might be the last person in the manifest worlds who can save any of them.

She’s lost her Lightbringer magics.

She can’t summon a dimensional portal. She can’t even cast a basic finder spell. Everything she once was, every power she once wielded, appears to be gone, and she has no idea if it will ever come back.

She’s stuck living as a human, in a world that desperately needs a Lightbringer. She has friends to protect, the last of her kind stranded in another dimension, a boyfriend to send back to his home world… a whole multiverse that needs her.

To make matters worse, The Others haven’t finished with her, or finished trying to conquer her world. When they come after her this time, she’s not the same being she was. She’s not the Lightbringer. She’s just a regular person.

A regular person who has to somehow hold back the worst darkness this world has ever known.

DARK GODS is Book #3 in LIGHT & SHADOW, for fans of urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and supernatural suspense.


Lightbringer (Light & Shadow #1) White Dragon (Light & Shadow #2) Dark Gods (Light & Shadow #3) Lord of Light (Light & Shadow #4)

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