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New release! A GLINT OF LIGHT (A Bridge and Sword Novel)

Just a quick note to let you know that the fourth of the BRIDGE AND SWORD companion novels, A GLINT OF LIGHT (A Bridge and Sword Novel) just went live!

As with previous companion novels, the ebook version of A GLINT OF LIGHT is only 99 CENTS during release week, so be sure and grab your copy before the price changes! I'm keeping each book at 99 cents until the next book is released. :)

CLICK HERE to get your copy!

NOTE: All Bridge and Sword companion novels are available in Kindle Unlimited!

Paperback versions also available!



(A Bridge and Sword Companion Novel)

The fifth of six Bridge and Sword side novels. :)

Click the image below to buy, or to read in Kindle Unlimited!

Terian (A Bridge and Sword Novel) only 99 cents

book synopsis ~

Everyone said to let her go.

To let the devil and her dark masters take her.

But he can’t do that.

He just can’t.

Everyone told him Cass couldn’t be saved.

All of them, even Allie and Jon, Cass’s childhood friends, believe she’s too far gone.

She chose the darkest of dark paths, betraying everyone who loved her, nearly killing her best friend, Allie, and destroying Allie’s mind in the process. After Cass became a minion of the dark being, Shadow, she nearly killed them all. After everything she put them through, the rest of their team mostly wants her dead.

But Balidor can’t bring himself to let her go.

Using his vast abilities and psychic training, he leads Cass through the darkness of her own mind, trying desperately to bring back the woman he loved before Shadow broke her.

SERIES NOTE: This is a Balidor and Cass companion novel to the Bridge and Sword world and takes place between books #8 and #9 in the main series.


Psychic suspense. Apocalyptic. An epic, soul-crushing, world-spanning science fantasy series that gets dark, dark, dark… but also contains a lot of light.

THE BRIDGE AND SWORD SERIES is a dark, gritty psychic warfare epic from a USA TODAY and WALL STREET JOURNAL bestselling author. Set in an alternate version of Earth where a second race of beings called “Seers” live alongside humans, this is for fans of romantic, character-driven science fiction and fantasy worlds, filled with twists and turns and backstabbing betrayals, with heroes and villains who are often the same people.

Terian (A Bridge and Sword Novel) only 99 cents

Hope everyone enjoys the new book!

Like with the previous five books, I'm planning to have the very last Bridge and Sword companion novel, GUARDIAN SEER (A Bridge and Sword Novel) available next Wednesday. I'm really getting down to the wire with the surgery now, though, and they tell me it will probably happen next week (I'm supposed to get a final date by tomorrow). If that happens, depending on what day of the week the surgery is scheduled, I might release the book early by a few days.

Whenever it does go live, it will also be $0.99 for (at least) that first week, and available to read for free in Kindle Unlimited! : )

And if I release it a bit early, I'll keep A GLINT OF LIGHT at 99 cents for longer, too. :)

I've got lots more stuff to share with you once I get all this surgery crap out of the way (ha!). Until then, I'm holding off on saying too much, partly because I have no idea what the recovery time will look like, or how long it'll slow me down, so it's difficult to give dates on pretty much anything until I know how that whole thing goes.

I really am looking forward to what's next once I'm finally on the other side of it, though, so hopefully I'll have lots of fun stuff to share with you soon!

Love + Light,

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