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Gods on Earth Box Set! Complete Series

Brand new box set of the COMPLETE series, GODS ON EARTH (Books #1-3)

Hey, Light Brigade... I've got a new thing for you this week! For those who haven't yet checked out my paranormal romance / Asgardian adventure, GODS ON EARTH, it's now available as a discounted box set! While these books are a bit lighter fare than some of my work, they were a lot of fun to write, and I enjoyed the characters a lot (and the brothers are all REALLY different, lol).

Also, since it's still me, there's some saving of the world and saving of the Asgardian realm involved, along with past lives, fated mates, dark vs. light, good vs. evil, and the rest of it.

Hope you enjoy the books!


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THOR, LOKI and TYR make up the complete series of Gods on Earth, a paranormal romance and urban fantasy series by USA TODAY and WALL STREET JOURNAL bestselling author, JC Andrijeski. It’s ideal for people who want a light romp to Asgard, naked gods appearing magically in their local bars, and a dose of wicked trickster games.



He appeared out of nowhere - naked, blue-eyed, flickering with blue and white light, a silver hammer perched on one muscular shoulder.

When he walked out of the bar without a word, I, Silvia Hope, thought I’d never see him again. Naked cosplay? Drunken dare? I figured I’d never know. Until, on my walk home, there he is again, fighting with another guy in the park by my house.

Then the lightning starts, the glowing eyes, and the guy he’s fighting seems to transform into a giant snake.

I start wondering if someone dosed me in that bar. Still, I take Thor home, where he tells me he’s a god. Oh, and thanks to a Dragon God named Jörmungandr, I have some kind of magic object embedded in my throat, and there’s a good chance I’ll die if someone can’t fix me, fast.

So that’s neat…



I won. I, Loki, stole the magical ring right out from under Odin’s and Thor’s noses. Right before a little minx stole it from me.

I outsmarted them all. I tricked my brother and father, and even my water-dragon son, sending them on a ridiculous chase while I slipped out the back door. I nearly got caught––twice––but in the end, I possessed the prize––the magical Andvaranaut, a god’s ring that allows me to hide out on Earth as long as I wish.

Then she came along.

That little human thief took it right off me, in broad daylight, in the bustling markets of Nepal, without me feeling an Asgardian thing. I’m onto her now though, hot on her trail and closing in. I’ll get that deliciously devilish girl if it’s the last thing I do…



I’m trying to save her life. I’m trying to stop a war. But nothing about Marion Ravenscroft is easy. And the world wants to careen into war, no matter what I do.

I’m out of practice in dealing with human women.

Especially human women who do strip teases for me, the first time I meet them. Especially human women I feel strangely drawn to, pulled into, like I knew her before I even met her.

Especially human women who won’t do a damned thing I say.

I’m Tyr, God of War, son of Odin.

I’m supposed to be the adult in the room. Among my brothers, I’m the one who is duty-bound to keep the humans from destroying themselves, to keep peace among their tribes. Yet it was Loki who sent me on this quest, when his new wife stumbled upon a plot to kidnap the daughter of the President of the United States…

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