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Hey, reader friends!

I''ve got a few quick messages today, which I thought I'd break into two different posts.

First thing is that I've got TWO FREE BOOKS this week, as part of my Halloween month for readers! Both will be free from today (OCTOBER 12th) until Saturday (OCTOBER 16th)! free for just five days this week, along with...

Click the links above, or the individual graphics below to grab your free copies of the two books.

Hope you enjoy the free books!

Check out my next post, too, for my Halloween giveaway!

Best wishes,

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Already had the free books, but thanks for the offer. Readers should show their appreciation for authors whose work relieves the depressing news so prevalent on idiot boxes of today.

I used to think the term idiot box was because the quality of entertainment seemed geared toward people with extremely low IQs. Now? It is more appropriate because almost everyone in the media seem to have donated their brains to science at birth. So if a book can make you smile, or gasp, or worry for the protagonist(s), then let people know.

If you read a free ARC or beta copy, you should post a review. Otherwise, if you bought a book; that's the type of appreciation which lets t…

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