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Flirting with Darkness Limited Edition Hardcover!

Hey, for those who haven't seen this elsewhere yet... we have a special hardcover version of FLIRTING WITH DARKNESS on offer right now, as well as a book box for those who want some extra goodies along with the hardcover.

Here is the order form, which has more information:

Here's a short summary of what's included:

Flirting with Darkness Hardcover Version:


The hardback featured a symbol jacket and the ebook cover underneath as the naked cover, custom art title pages (where you can stick the book plates if you choose that option!), and a custom header and break. All standalone in the set are in the book! 450k words of fantasy awesomeness.

Two options:

-- Hardback only

-- The book box: Hardback with book plates from each author, a FWD bookmark, sticker and one black and white art print per story.

FYI: there are a limited number of book boxes AND hardcovers available, so if you want one, I wouldn't wait too long to order yours!

A quick reminder below that it comes with this lovely cover...

Hope you get a chance to grab a copy! I'm particularly excited about the book box. The artwork being done for the individual stories is lovely, too! We each gave a scene to the artist to make something personal for each of our stories. :)

Love + Light,

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