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Notes from the Writing Cave...

I sent out a newsletter earlier today, but I wanted to give everyone on here a head's up on some of my writer updates on here, as well. So if you read my newsletter, you probably don't need to read the below. If not, check it out!

First off - Happy 4th of July, American Rebels!

I hope you have something fun planned for the day! (or safe at least, away from crazy drunk people with fireworks and all that goes with it... lol).

I'm going to be in Laos from Tuesday until Friday, so I'll be spending my 4th there, which is kind of a trip. I plan to be working on the new Quentin Black Mystery novel and getting a new visa, so it's not really a holiday, per se. I'm in the process of switching to an education visa here, since I'm trying (badly) to learn Thai. It's been a pretty humorous exercise in humility so far, but I'm having fun with it. :)

As for writing world, I'm working hard on IN BLACK WE TRUST (Quentin Black Mystery #8). It's been a complex book to write so far - a lot happens, which has been fun to write, but challenging, since a lot of different characters are involved, including some new ones that were introduced at the end of book #7.

I hope everyone enjoys it when it comes out later this month!

Personally, I can't wait to get back to it. I've been pretty distracted the last few days with visa stuff and getting out the Quentin Black Box Set (and paperbacks, and new cover art... and so on and so forth), so I can't wait to get back to writing when I get to Laos.

I'll try to remember to post some pics of my trip on here too, when I get back.

In other writing / publishing news:

** I'm still working on the box set for the BRIDGE & SWORD SERIES (Books 1-3). We're finalizing covers still, so that one's taking a bit longer, but I'm looking to have it done in the next few weeks, I hope.

** I'm still in process with a paperback version for BLACK TO DUST (Quentin Black Mystery #7). I was hoping to announce that one and SUN at the same time, but I'm still waiting on the wraparound cover for that one, too.

** NEW YORK (A Bridge & Sword Prequel) is most of the way through a polish edit and I'm working on cover art with the artist now (you can see why I worry my cover artist might be getting ready to shoot me). The samples he's shown me are amazing, so I can't wait to share! :) I'm still hoping to have NEW YORK out in July.

** I'm pretty sure I'm going to be doing at least one more Quentin Black book before I dive into the new series. I've got some ideas for the next one in the series already, so it might bump the new series forward by a month or so.

I think that's it for now... hope everyone is doing well!

Best wishes and happy 4th!


P.S. Just for fun, I tried doing one of those 1 second a day things for June, so I thought I'd share it on here. I basically spent the whole month writing, lol, but you get some glimpses of my neighborhood as I walk to and from the coffee shop every day, me at the immigration office, some shopping, me eating, me sick, me cooking Mexican food... lol.

I might do it this month too, just because it was kind of fun to record snippets of my day every day. It forced me to look around a bit more, too. :)

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