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Two Giant Book Sales Starting Today...

Updated: May 14, 2023

Wanted to let everyone know about TWO (2) Big Book Sales happening today. Both of them are focused primarily on romance books, but including all different kinds: paranormal, contemporary, shifters, science fiction, mystery, you name it!

The first one is TODAY ONLY and is all FREE and 99 CENT books!

All kinds of romances included (contemporary, paranormal, shifters, science fiction, etc.). Follow the link below to see the the list of books!

Or here's the full link here:

* * * * *

The second sale is being held by the Self-Publishing Roundtable and goes from today until Friday (June 22nd - 24th)

This sale features all FREE books. It also includes a GIVEAWAY! So be sure to head over and check it out!

For this FREE EBOOK Sale and Giveaway:

Or here's the full link:

Hope you find lots of new books for summer beachy goodness (or, you know, couch goodness, like me)!


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