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SHADOW WINGS is now live!

Updated: May 14, 2023

SHADOW WINGS, a brand new paranormal mystery romance and part of the multi-author series SKELETON KEY is now LIVE!

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Description for SHADOW WINGS

In a time of great darkness...

Can Ilana help an angel regain his wings?

Hunting a fallen angel bent on changing human history, Archangel Raguel finds a mysterious key that throws him out of the angelic realms, abruptly turning him human.

He wakes naked in Gorky Park, in 1980s Moscow, wings gone and no ability to communicate with the other side. Picked up for public drunkenness and nudity, he asks for help of KGB Agent Ilana Kopovich, who is investigating a far more gruesome crime––the murder of a half-dozen children whose bodies were left mutilated in the middle of Red Square. Little does she know, the murderer she’s trying to put behind bars is the same demon Raguel’s been chasing.

Raguel asks for Ilana’s help, and she quickly realizes she needs him. Together they must stop the demon before he commits his final crime and brings the world to the brink of world war.

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