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EDGE YA/NA Paranormal Bundle ~ Last Chance at 99 Cents!

Updated: May 14, 2023

This is your last chance to pick up a copy of EDGE for only 99 Cents! The special introductory price goes away tomorrow, and it goes back to $2.99!


For those who don't purchase your books on Amazon - it's also your last chance to buy it on the other vendors, since it will be exclusively offered on Amazon for the following 3-month period.

The good news for Kindle Unlimited subscribers is that this means the book will be FREE for you as part of your regular subscription program!

Unfortunately, since it's part of this bundle, this also means that my first Alien Apocalypse novel, THE CULLING, will also be available exclusively on Amazon for three months (the plus side of that being that it will ALSO be available on Kindle Unlimited for 3 months, for those who are subscribers).

So if you use another vendor but have always wanted to try it, pick it (or EDGE) up now for 99 cents, or else you might have to wait a few months to get your copy!

As I've said before, I only ever plan to put books in KU for promotional purposes and for temporary periods of time, so apologies to those who can't get the book in other places for those periods, but I'll try to make sure people are aware of it.

Thanks much!

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