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A Glint of Light ~ FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

Updated: May 14, 2023

It just hit me that I never posted this on here. It's been that kind of time for me, over the past few weeks I guess.

I have A GLINT OF LIGHT available now in two forms, both of them FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

One way is to buy A GLINT OF LIGHT is as a single title that is being sold along with "FIREPLACE" as a bonus story

The other way is to grab a copy via the boxed set: MAGICK AFTER MIDNIGHT, where it's one of 20 other novellas being offered (with an ability to pick up an additional 20 free books from the same authors in the set ~ details inside the boxed set!).

The MAGICK AFTER MIDNIGHT version doesn't come with "FIREPLACE" unfortuately, but it's a great deal that will only be available for a limited time! As an FYI, if you're on a boxed-set-buying spree and like sexy love scenes, you can also get "FIREPLACE" for a limited time as part of MORE WICKED ALPHAS, WILDEST NIGHTS

A Glint of Light Cover Art

Everyone told him she couldn’t be saved...

But Balidor just can’t let her go.

Everyone told him Cassandra couldn’t be saved. All of them––even Allie and Jon, her childhood friends––believe she’s too far gone, that she would never come back. After Cass betrayed them by joining the dark being called Shadow, the rest of his team mostly wants her dead, but Balidor can’t bring himself to let her go.

Using his psychic training, he leads her through the darkness of her past, trying desperately to bring back the woman he loved before Shadow broke her mind. With months gone and Christmas here, he decides to go for broke, hoping desperately it might be the thing to finally break through.

Plus Bonus Story ~ “Fireplace”

A sexy Allie’s War story with Allie and Revik at the beginning of their tumultuous and sexually-charged relationship!

~ Two sexy stories in the Allie’s War Series ~

* * *

"A Glint of Light" first appeared as part of


(no longer available)

"Fireplace" is available NOW in:


"A Glint of Light" (without "Fireplace") is available NOW in:


Magick After Midnight Cover Spread

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