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The Rare Glimpse into my Writing Spots...

I don't usually post a lot of pictures about where I work, just because it's such a "non-writerly" set up in a lot of ways. Living over here in Bangkok, apartments tend to be smaller, and I spend a lot of time working off site just to make sure I get enough exercise and just because I'm one of those people who likes working in public places when I'm writing fiction - at least some of the time.

Here are a few shots of my tiny writing nook in my apartment though, as well as some of the places I hang out offsite (and just some of Bangkok in general)... :)

Balcony View

The view from my apartment balcony (in one direction at least). The orange-roofed buildings are part of a Buddhist wat, or monastery / temple. You can see the smaller canal making a curvy shape on the lower left of the photo and the larger canal, where there are often boats, in the top left corner.

Street Fair at The Base

Here's a street fair they had in my apartment complex walking areas. They blocked off the whole street for a few days and had crafts, food, music, performances, clothes for sale - it was really fun!

View of On Nut Street

Another view from my apartment, this one in the early morning. Where I live is pretty quiet, well outside of the center of town, and all of those buildings you see (including the one under construction on the right) are more apartment buildings).

Tiny writing space

My teeny-tiny writing space, lol. I actually have much bigger spaces in my apartment where I could have set up a writing desk, but I really like having a view when I write, so I squeezed this into the kitchen (kitchens in typical Asian apartments are pretty tiny!). I don't mind, and I do a lot of writing from the couch and other places too, but this is where I usually start my day.

"The Retro" Coffee Shop

One of the many coffee shops I write at, lol. This one cracks me up, it's in a themed mall about a 30 minute walk from my place, and is usually pretty busy on the weekends. This was a Sunday, late afternoon so it was quiet there. I'll often stop here on the way to a big night market I walk to on the weekends sometimes, since it's a good halfway point.

Rocket Coffee Bar on Soi 11

Another coffee shop where I write - it stays relatively cool even outdoors because of big fans overhead and they have the most amazing smoothies (and coffee!). There are a few different branches of this particular place.

Coffee shop at Central World

And yet another coffee shop where I hang out at times (I should do a "coffee shops of the world" post one of these days, lol).

Bookshelf with Dragon

I read just about everything in ebook nowadays, just because it's easier for me to travel light, but I do have a box of books for signing and giveaways and so on, and my dragon guards a few of those on my shelf (it was so hard not to buy a four foot version of that dragon when I saw them in Laos, lol).

Songkran on Silom - 2016

And here's one last photo, since we're just coming out of Songkran, the big water festival they have every year in April. It's the hottest time of year right now (April - May - June), so it's a good time for a giant waterfight, although they asked us to tone it down a bit this year, due to the drought. I still managed to come home sopping wet, like I'd taken a shower then jumped in a pool with my clothes on. The joke is that everyone's phone ends up in a bowl of rice the day after Songkran. :)

Chiang Mai - Festival of Lights

The festival of lights in Chiang Mai, a northern city here in Thailand. they celebrate it here in Bangkok too, but they don't let people put the lit ones in the air in the city because of the fire danger. I'm deteremined to go to Chiang Mai to see this one this year.


Hope everyone liked those! I've got tons more pictures to share of being here in Southeast Asia, of course, but I thought I'd start with the writing aspect and work from there. I'm also traveling a bit more these days, including a recent trip to Yangon, Myanmar (my first trip to that country). I'm going to start trying to do a better job of posting about places when I get back, ha. :)

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