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ONE DAY ONLY ~ Giant FREE book sale!

Giant free book sale - one day only


Hey, reader friends! I wanted to drop a quick note on here to let everyone know we're having another one of our giant freebie book sales today. For ONE DAY ONLY all books being featured are FREE!

This thing has gotten so big we now have over 1000 titles by tons of bestselling authors, and we're featuring all kinds of genres, with romance and without. So be sure and stop by to fill up your ereader! The books are all broken into categories by genre and by vendor site (Amazon, Kobo, Apple, Google Play, etc.), so it should be easy to find whatever you need. :)

Click here for giant free book sale! check out the book sale, or click the graphic above!

As a part of this sale, I'm offering my vampire mystery novel, MIDNIGHT FIGHT, for FREE until Monday, July 3rd!

Midnight Fight is FREE until Monday

~ Book Description ~

“A hundred thousand to fight. Twice that, if you win.”

Walking up to Nick at the underground vampire fights, a well-dressed promoter hands Nick a card, offering him a bucketload of cash for a few hours’ work.

All he has to do is fight another vampire.

If Nick can pull it off, he might have a lead on a big new case. Someone in the boxing circuit is murdering vampires, selling their parts on the black market, dumping their desiccated bodies outside the city dome. The NYPD doesn’t have a clue who’s behind it, and the lead detective wants Nick to use his new “in” to get inside the exclusive fight community.

Of course, Nick’s new hybrid girlfriend, Wynter James, hates everything about this plan. Nick’s not even supposed to be there; he’s still officially suspended from his last big screw-up with the racial authorities. He decides to risk it anyway, and by the end of the first match, half the underground boxing community knows who he is.

Unfortunately, the vampire-harvesting crew has their eye on Nick, too.

As for Wynter, she’s convinced Nick has a death wish. At the very least, she suspects he’d do just about anything to avoid the intense, volcanic, vampire emotions that come up whenever they’re together.

~ a previous version of this book was titled “Eyes of Ice” ~

VAMPIRE DETECTIVE MIDNIGHT is a gritty, romantic science fiction mystery series set in a futuristic, dystopian New York populated by vampires, humans and psychics trying to rebuild their world after a devastating race war nearly obliterated the previous one. Written by USA TODAY and WALL STREET JOURNAL bestselling author, JC Andrijeski, it features vampire homicide detective, Nick Tanaka, who works as a “Midnight,” or vampire in the employ of the human police.

FREE UNTIL MONDAY! SciFi Mystery. Romantic, Apocalyptic.

Click here for a free copy of Midnight Fight

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