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NEW RELEASE! LOKI (gods on earth #2)

Hi everyone! I've got a new release I wanted to share!

LOKI (Gods on Earth #2) is a brand new paranormal romance novel, and book #2 after THOR (Gods on Earth #1). Continue the story and check out a brand new, sexy, God + human couple in book #2 - it's now LIVE and available on Kindle Unlimited! :)


(...or scroll down below for more information)

I won. I, Loki, stole the magical ring right out from under Odin’s and Thor’s noses. Right before a little minx stole it from me.

I outsmarted them all. I tricked my brother and father, and even my water-dragon son, sending them on a ridiculous chase while I slipped out the back door. I nearly got caught––twice––but in the end, I possessed the prize––the magical Andvaranaut, a god’s ring that allows me to hide out on Earth as long as I wish.

Then she came along.

That little human thief took it right off me, in broad daylight, in the bustling markets of Nepal, without me feeling an Asgardian thing. I’m onto her now though, hot on her trail and closing in. I’ll get that deliciously devilish girl if it’s the last thing I do.

Even if that means punishing her in ways both of us might enjoy. Perhaps especially if it means that, now that I’ve gotten a good look at the little minx.

The more I learn about this Lia Winchester, professional thief, proficient liar, brilliant escape artist, and unbelievably sexy mortal, the more I find myself wanting to draw out this chase, to savor it… perhaps to even partner with her on a heist of our own.

It’s been a long time since anyone’s managed to surprise me.

I think it’s only right that I return the favor.

LOKI is book #2 in Gods on Earth, a fun paranormal romance and urban fantasy series, ideal for people who want a light romp to Asgard, mischievous gods falling for unwitting humans and battling over magical objects, not to mention dragons, magical wolves, grumpy witches, and a dose of wicked trickster games.

Hope you enjoy my new book, and CHECK OUT HERE for other new things, including three new preorders I have up in your favorite series! :)


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