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Hey, so I managed to get this done pre-surgery so wanted to share for anyone who didn't see it... I changed over all the covers to the VAMPIRE DETECTIVE MIDNIGHT series. Some of you might recognize some of them from the previous branding, prior to the more "romance-y" ones, but there've been some changes, so be sure and read those below if you're a fan of the series...

Anyway, enough of my blah-de-blah-blah...

Here is the full set of covers (see individual covers at the bottom):

New covers for SEER WARS, Seasons 1-2

You might have noticed that some of the titles of the books were changed, as well. The biggest of those changes is that I returned book #1 to its original title of EYES OF ICE, since I decided it's much more fitting for the first book. I changed book #2 to MIDNIGHT FIGHT, which I also like better for that book.

The only other title I changed was for book #6, which is now MIDNIGHT CURSE (it had previously been "A Vampire's Curse"). I just thought it fit the series better, since I'm moving more towards branded titles in general.

I also created new covers for the box sets:

New Box Set covers for Vampire Detective Midnight series

I really hope you like them! I think they fit the series and the character better, which is more "science fiction mystery with romance and vampires" than a vampire romance series, per se. Meaning, while the romance is a BIG subplot and definitely drives elements of the storyline, the central conflicts are really around the mystery, the world, and the character more generally.

So, given that, the shirtless guy covers really weren't working for me, and seemed like they were maybe false advertising in some respects.

* * *

And I think that's probably the last big chunk of work I'll get done before the surgery! I'm working on ANGELS IN L.A. right now, editing and doing some rewrites before I launch the new covers, but I unfortunately won't get that done before my procedure. I'll also be writing more serial episodes over the next few days to get ready for the few weeks where I'll likely be out of it and unable to write.

Again, hoping you like the new look for everything! Thanks so much to everyone who provided such great feedback on these, especially in my Patreon group, but also everyone who emailed me and/or commented in the Facebook group!

Oh, and one last thing - I'll be putting out the next Bridge and Sword box set tomorrow (Wednesday) so I'll likely send a short notice about that. After that I'll likely go dark for at least a week, so if I don't respond to anyone, I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.

Best wishes and happy reading!

(oh, and all of the individual VAMPIRE DETECTIVE MIDNIGHT covers will be below!)

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New Cover for Vampire Detective Midnight #1

New Cover for Vampire Detective Midnight #2

New Cover for Vampire Detective Midnight #3

New Cover for Vampire Detective Midnight #4

New Cover for Vampire Detective Midnight #5

New Cover for Vampire Detective Midnight #6

New Cover for Vampire Detective Midnight #7

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