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JC's Big Holiday 2022 Giveaway! :)


Hey, everyone! So I FINALLY got a chance to pull together my holiday giveaway for the end of the year… just in time for Thanksgiving! :)

Here's what I came up with for goodies this year - hope you like them!

PRIZE #1: ONE paperback (signed / winner's choice)

PRIZES #2-3: TWO ebooks (winner's choice)

PRIZE #4: $15 Amazon Gift Card

PRIZE #5: Time's Magic Mug

PRIZE #6: Vampire Detective Midnight Mug

PRIZE #7: Tote Bag

PRIZE #8: Quentin Black Key Chain

As an FYI: I generally run my giveaways where each winner gets to pick a prize in order of when their name is pulled, just because I know some people like certain series / books better than others, some like merch and some don't, etc.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a huge bummer... but I can only ship domestically (in the USA). I HATE to do this, but shipping costs for international are frankly completely out of control and I just can't afford it with the cost of the merch, etc. So if you don't mind covering the shipping costs, you're free to do it that way, or I can offer you electronic prizes instead. Either way, we'll discuss!

FYI: I didn't do T-shirts this year just because those require sizes and I needed to order everything in advance since I'll be leaving for Europe in January. I didn't want to risk people not getting their prizes before I left!

P.S. I'm doing an exclusive giveaway for my Patreon followers as well, so if you are in there, check it out! You are still eligible to enter the general giveaway too. :)


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Shelley Manner
Shelley Manner
Nov 28, 2022

Missing "Black" books, but I am sure I will enjoy your other ones!

JC Andrijeski
JC Andrijeski
Nov 29, 2022
Replying to

I totally understand. :) I hope you like some of the others! And on the plus side, there MIGHT be some crossover coming up with the Vampire Detective Midnight books. :)

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