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Update on SUN (Allie's War Book 10)

Updated: May 14, 2023

So, truthfully, I've seen this coming for awhile, but I've been secretly hoping something might shift over the past month or so which would tell me I'm wrong.

But yeah... sadly... I'm NOT wrong.

Moreover, I've known for awhile that I'm not wrong, and that this whole internal argument I've been having with myself has just devolved into stalling and foot-shuffling and wishful thinking on my part. So I'm biting the bullet today and making an official announcement...

...I'm postponing the planned April 2016 release of SUN (Allie's War Book Ten).

The sad fact is, this book just isn't ready to come out yet, and I'm absolutely not willing to phone it in.

I've got a lot down of course, but this is kind of an intuitive thing, and I can tell I'm trying to force and rush something that's just not ready. I've been through this with the big Allie's War books before, too, so I'm familiar with this feeling. I might need to write something else first, let it "cook" a bit more in my subconscious... or I just have to wait it out until some weird silent switch flicks in the back of my head and I go on some kind of madness-induced writing bender and barf the whole thing out in a matter of weeks.

For whatever reason, the books in this particular series tend to be a lot more stubborn and temperamental when it comes to when and how they come out... and I've learned if I fight this, it doesn't help at all. All it ends up meaning is that I get really frustrated, bang my head against my comptuer screen a lot... and then just end up throwing away a lot of words anyway.

What does this mean in terms of a future release date? I'm leaving that somewhat open right now, for a number of reasons. The big one is, this year is REALLY tightly scheduled for me in terms of releases. So even in the next few weeks I'm already bumping up against deadlines for other projects, some of which have deadlines that aren't mine and I can't move. On the plus side, I'm hoping I can get some of those projects done a bit earlier than expected with this postponement of SUN, so maybe some of that will come out in the wash.

And I'll still be working on it, of course, but given all of those back-to-back deadlines over the next few months, I'm guessing that the soonest would be winter of this year. There's some chance it could happen sooner, and some chance it might happen later, but I'm thinking that's a realistic time period to shoot for.

So... I know there are people waiting for this book. I also know (hope?) that you want it to be done right, especially if you've read through this whole series so far.

Apologies for my stubborn, confusing and sometimes incomprehensible muse, and her whimsical and somewhat disrespectful view of "deadlines"... but, yeah, sigh, it is what it is.

On the plus side, I have lots of other cool stuff coming up well before that, including the next Quentin Black Mystery book or two, so hopefully you'll enjoy those in the meantime. I've also got a few standalones coming out this year, including one about a fallen angel who ends up in 1980s communist Russia, and one about a post-apocalyptic world run by a dark and twisted coven of witches that's coming out this fall. :)

More on all of that later...

And again, apologies for... my brain, I guess (?)

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