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I write New Adult Urban Fantasy, Dystopian and Science Fiction. I also write crime fiction, and a lot of other stuff, too, some under pen names and some under this one, but I tend to dwell most often in the supernatural, especially if there is romance, sexy aliens, strange psychological problems and superpowers involved...or just handiness with a sword.

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BIRTH: Allie's War Early Years
“He would be despised now. By all of them, on both sides of that line. He would be despised...”

Hidden away in the monastic caves of the Pamir for over five years after leaving the Rooks, Revik no longer knows who he is, or what his life means.

When Adhipan seers appear, asking for his help in a dangerous mission, his first impulse is to say no...until they tell him that it is Kali who needs saving, the seer who rescued Revik from his life in the Rooks, and the future mother of the Bridge, the most important being to incarnate on Earth in the last several thousand years.

Unfortunately for Revik, she is also the one being left in the world who he absolutely cannot refuse.

A prequel novel in the Allie’s War world, and companion to the novel TERIAN:Allie’s War Early Years.


I AM NO ONE: A Quentin Black Mystery
Jake couldn’t let either Quentin Black or Mr. Luce find him.
He intended to make both of those scenarios impossible.
He would be a new man, instead.
A man not even Quentin Black could find…

Jake Traynor just pulled his last con job, only this time, he stole from the wrong guy, a psycho named Mr. Luce...or sometimes “Lucky Luce” “Mr. Lucky,” or “Lucifer the Light Bringer.” Whatever name he goes by, Mr. Luce is a killer, Jake discovers, and when he finds out Jake stole from him, he wants him to pay, in more way than one.

To make things worse, the guy who started this whole mess, a totally different kind of psycho by the name of Quentin Black, is determined to bring Jake to justice for his own twisted reasons. What Black really wants is to take down Mr. Luce, however, and to force Jake to help him, willingly or not.

Now on the run and caught between these two mortal enemies, Jake is forced to make terrible choices. Choices he may have no way to come back from.


The world is dying. Everyone feels it, and yet, no one knows.
They said that when the end was near, a Bridge would come, and lead them out of the darkness of that dying world.
Allie’s life was relatively normal...
Until Revik showed up.
And told her she was that Bridge.

“You are the Bridge…”

Like most humans, Allie spent her life distancing herself from Seers, a race of human-like beings discovered on Earth in the early 1900s. Then she catches her boyfriend in the arms of a hot band groupie, and Allie goes from San Francisco artist slacker to the girl wearing the GPS anklet. That’s the least of her problems, though, compared to the shock of discovering who—and what—she really is.

Yanked out of her life by the mysterious Revik, Allie finds out that her blood may not be as “human” as she always thought. Through Revik she learns the truth: that Seers are nothing like she thought, that the world is nothing like it appears to be...and that she has far more in common with Seers than she ever wanted to believe.
NEW YORK: Allie's War Early Years
"I never liked New York all that much..."

Allie calls it her New York jinx. Already on this trip, obnoxious band groupies hang all over her boyfriend, a stalker leaves her cryptic and creepy notes, and she nearly gets arrested watching a Seer get tasered by cops who act like not-cops. One of them, a tall, black-haired guy with strangely colorless eyes, keeps showing up everywhere Allie goes.

But when a religious cult targets Allie for an end of the world ritual, her visit goes from annoying to quite probably fatal.

A prequel novel in the Allie's War series, an alternate history romance featuring a gritty, unique and modern day Earth with star-crossed telekinetic lovers, Allie Taylor and Dehgoies Revik.


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I have a new site devoted to the ALLIE'S WAR series (a link is located on the top navigation bar). I'm in the middle of rebranding right now, flipping covers and so forth...so be patient! Hopefully it will look nice and spiffy soon!  : )

In the meantime, feel free to browse around my blog on this site, as well as book descriptions and buy links of my other series, including ALIEN APOCALYPSE and the GATE SHIFTER series...

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Coming soon, I plan to have more supplementary stuff on the ALLIE'S WAR SITE, as well as special bonus materials available only to my mailing list, the REBEL ARMY, new works coming out, audiobook and ebook giveaways and a bunch more of, well...stuff. :)

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